Intel NUC

Intel NUC. Small Device. Big Performance.

Intel NUC
The Intel® NUC Mini PC re-imagines the desktop PC into a pint-sized package so that you can work, play, create, entertain, and inspire in any room.

Pint Sized Power

Pint-sized Power
The Intel® NUC is a Mini PC with the power of a desktop, packing features for entertainment, gaming, and productivity in a 4x4 form factor.

Energy Optimized

Energy Optimized, Media Savvy
With Intel® NUC you get an immersive media experience and responsive interaction while consuming a small amount of power relative to a full-sized PC.

Flexibility for Future Growth

Flexibility for Future Growth
Due to its portable size and ease of installation, the Intel® NUC makes it easy to add devices and scale up rapidly based on changing productivity needs.

Feature-Rich for Any Need

Feature-Rich for Any Need
Various configurations and features like Wi-Fi and extra ports give you the ability to add onto the Intel® NUC according to your specific performance needs.


The Perfect Fit for Just About Anything

Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment
With a full-sized HDMI* port, turn your Intel® NUC into a complete home entertainment system.


The Intel® NUC lets you play casual games without skipping a beat.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage
Use the Intel® NUC to transform any display into a fully functional digital signage solution.

Thin Client

Thin client
From computer labs to government offices, the thin, upright Intel® NUC form factor is perfect for small spaces.


Model SKU Chassis Included Power Cord Type Included CPU
BLKDE3815TYKH0E 152667 Yes Universal      E3815
BLKDE3815TYBE 152643   Not Included E3815
BOXNUC5I3RYK 162232 Yes Universal   i3-5010U
BOXNUC5I3RYH 162233 Yes Universal  i3-5010U
BLKNUC5I3MYHE 166708 Yes  Universal  i3-5010U
BLKNUC5I3MYBE 161311   Not Included i3-5010U
BOXNUC5I5RYH 162231 Yes  Universal  i5-5250U
BOXNUC5I5RYK 162230 Yes Universal  i5-5250U
BLKNUC5I5MYHE 166706 Yes Universal  i5-5300U
BLKNUC5I5MYBE 161313   Not Included i5-5300U
BOXNUC5I7RYH 166480 Yes Universal  i7-5557U
BOXNUC5CPYH 168818 Yes Universal  N3050
BOXNUC5PPYH 168819 Yes Universal  N3700
BOXNUC5PGYH0AJ 173775 Yes Universal  N3700
BOXNUC6i5SYK 176703 Yes US/EU/UK/AU i5-6260U
BOXNUC6i5SYH 176707 Yes US/EU/UK/AU i5-6260U
BOXNUC6i3SYK 176710 Yes US/EU/UK/AU i3-6100U
BOXNUC6i3SYH 176713 Yes US/EU/UK/AU i3-6100U
BOXNUC6i7KYK1 181593 Yes US i7-6770HQ



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