Become A Partner


Join the ASI Partner Community.
If you would like to join our partner community and take advantage of a robust product portfolio and exceptional pre/post sales support

Step 1 – US Credit Application
The first step in opening an account at ASI is to complete the ASI US Credit Application and provide a completed Multijurisdictional Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate.

If in Canada complete the ASI Canada Credit Application.

Step 2 – Financial Authorization
If you are interested in opening a line of credit with ASI, you will need to complete the Financial Authorization Form and return to the ASI credit department.

Step 3 – Credit Card Authorization
You can also charge your purchases to your credit card. Please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (US Form / Canada Form) and specify if you want to make this a onetime transaction or save your information for future transactions.
Please complete, sign and return all necessary documentation to the ASI Corporate Credit Department.

By E-mail:
By Fax US: 510-249-1856

By E-mail:
By Fax: 905-470-8808

By E-mail:
By Fax : 510-249-1856

If you have not been in contact with and ASI sales representative please call our routing number to have an Account Manager assigned to you. US: 1-800-2000-ASI and in Canada: 1-888-2000-ASI.