About ASI Mobile

As the notebook market continues to expand, it’s important to select a partner who can provide a full spectrum of product options, understands the industry, has a support infrastructure that includes technical as well as repair capability, provides vital product training, and can offer unique solutions that help resellers target specific segments within the market. 

Over the past 10 years, ASI has developed a unique expertise in the notebook segment and has implemented a strategy that offers resellers options for both Private Label and branded notebooks. Our notebook line-up includes products from Pegatron that are part of Intel's shared ID program (Formerly Spring Peak), as well as the full line of ASUS and Lenovo branded solutions. This multi-teired strategy makes ASI unique as we offer both private label and branded solutions to the channel.

ASI Advantages
    1. ASI “Ownership” of the support and supply chain
    2. Dedicated and Experienced Technical Support Staff
    3. Extended Warranty Options including 24x7 End User options
    4. Expert Integration with OS and Driver updates
    5. Complete line of product offerings including BTO, Ruggedized as well as branded solutions from Lenovo and ASUS 
    6. ISO9001-certified Integration Center
    7. Support for WHQL Registration
    8. Unique Solutions including encryption options, and theft tracking options
    9. Vendor Program Qualification
    10. Spare Parts AvailabilityAbout

About Pegatron and Intel
For the past ten years ASI has worked exclusively with Intel to strengthen the BTO notebook supply chain. As the premier supplier of the Intel designed SpringPeak notebook family, ASI continues our commitment as well as long term support of the market by delivering products from Pegatron that are part of Intel’s Shared ID initiative. The Intel, Pegatron and ASI partnership help ensure the availability of notebooks with world class quality, and features unique to the channel. 

About ASUS
ASI has a proud and distinguished history with ASUS. As their first ever customer, ASI has enjoyed a partnership with ASUS for over 25 years. During this time, ASUS has built a reputation for engineering excellence, innovative vision and strong support of the channel, allowing them to become one of the most trusted choices of resellers. With the introduction of the world’s first netbook, ASUS is now one of the top five brands for mobile solutions. 

About Lenovo
Lenovo is rapidly becoming one of the most recognized PC brands and is the fastest growing notebook in the market ranking them as the second largest PC supplier in the world. Lenovo’s leadership is built on innovation and engineering quality but their commitment to resellers doesn’t end with the product. Lenovo is renowned for their creative programs, support for resellers, and technical service.