Product Description

Aeneon Memory 512MB PC-3200 DDR SDDRAM DIMM 184pin 400MHz 32x8 Made Bulk

  • SKU: 40083
  • Vendor: Aeneon
  • MPN: AED660UD00-500C88X
  • UPC: NO
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  • Specifications
512 MByte organized as 64 M x 64 bit. Double Data Rate SDRAM components. Speed grade DDR333 CL2.5 and DDR400 respectively on component level. Provides up to 2700 and 3200 MByte per second respectively on module level. Module Code PC2700U-25331and PC3200U-30331. 184-Pin Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) with gold contacts. Fitting in industry standard motherboards.
Storage Capacity
Form Factor
DIMM 184pin
Bus Clock Rate
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years
Data Integrity Check
Lead Plating
Supply Voltage
2.6V (+/-0.1V)

Clock cycle time tCK for CL3 - 5 ns (min.) / 8 ns (max.)

Clock cycle time tCK for CL2.5 - 6 ns (min.) / 12 ns (max.)

Row cycle time tRC - 55 ns (min.)

Refresh row cycle time tRFC - 70 ns (min.)

Activate to read/write delay tRCD - 15 ns (min.)

Row active time tRAS - 40 ns (min.) / 70.000 ns (max.)

Operating power IDD0 - 2.9 W (max.)

Module dimensions L x W x H - 133.35 mm x 31.75 mm x 4.0 mm (max.)