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ASI introduces VR KIX Virtual Reality Headsets for a new and improved smartphone experience
ASI partners with VR KIX to present new, enhanced, cutting edge technology powered by the smartphone in your customer’s pocket 

Fremont, CA – August 2, 2016 -- ASI Corp., a leading distributor of computer components and peripheral products to over 8,000 VARs throughout North America, has partnered with VR KIX to offer their new line of Virtual Reality headsets.

“Customers are looking for a more satisfying smartphone experience,” said Kent Tibbils, vice president of marketing at ASI Corp. “VR KIX Virtual Reality head sets are an innovative way to transform your flat, downloaded content into a new world altogether. Users are able to incorporate their smartphone application technology and 3D imaging to transport them into another dimension”.

“After researching a variety of VR headset concepts, we designed VR KIX to incorporate all the best features into one headset that would be comfortable, affordable and have a quality virtual reality experience that exceeds user expectations,” added Paul Scott, Chief Executive Officer at VR KIX Canada. “The ability to use any Smartphone and have adjustable focusing is a big plus point that our customers value. Our offices in the US and Canada also offer full support and unrivalled customer service”. 

VR KIX VR head sets are designed for efficiency, and comfort with thick facial cushions and light weight goggles for extended viewing periods. Facial cushions not only provide comfort, but also have easy maintenance. Adjustable smartphone tray and head straps make them compatible for phones as large as iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 5. Large dual focal adjustable lenses reduce eye fatigue and make individual eye adjustments possible so users don’t need to wear their glasses with the headset. Bluetooth controllers replace tapping the screen and act as a remote for game play. 24 competing VR headsets were personally tested and compared to VR KIX. Information on the full line of VR KIX Virtual Reality Headsets is available at http://vrkix.com/

About VR KIX
The VR KIX gang is excited to be presenting our virtual reality glasses! As a division of our parent company Adaptive Designs Inc. (ADI for short), with a mission of creating new and unique products, we think this one is right on target! The VR industry is growing very quickly and our VR KIX Virtual Reality Headsets are available at an affordable price point for users who want to immerse themselves in this growing technology. Our product incorporates smart phone technology with app store offerings. We have seven years of sales and distribution experience to the consumer market and over 14 years of product development and have learned to think about how to take a good product and make it great. We expect things we buy to work as advertised and we know you do too! So we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We were chosen by The Grommet for a product launch.  We are very excited for this opportunity, since only 3% of products submitted to them are actually chosen.

About ASI
Fremont, California based ASI has been a leader in the distribution of IT products for over 29 years and also offers custom integration on notebooks, desktops, servers, and NAS systems. Founded in 1987, the company has rapidly grown to become the partner of choice for over 8,000 VARs throughout North America. ASI offers an extensive line of products, components and services, and also provides ISO-9001 compliant system integration and value add contract assembly. Experienced technical support team, knowledgeable sales, dynamic marketing, and innovative management have helped the company achieve an impressive $1.2 billion in sales.

Press Contact
Kent Tibbils
VP of Marketing
ASI Corp.
510-226-8000 ext 134.