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Optimized for clients, embedded solutions and the cloud

CloudSpeed Gen IICloudspeed Gen II Series
For the demanding requirements of hyperscale data centers

Cloud Service Providers need to manage transactional and mixed workloads – databases, email/collaboration, Linux containers – to satisfy consumer cloud services like ecommerce and enterprise-oriented XaaS offerings. In order to offer database and application performance tiers of service, while controlling infrastructure costs, service providers need to increase compute-storage density for efficient data center utilization.


HGST Solid State Drives

SN200Ultrastar SN200 Series NVMe PCIe SSD
HGST extends its technology leadership with the introduction of the Ultrastar® SN200 Series solid-state drives (SSDs). The Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs deliver a new level of performance and capacity for Enterprise, Cloud and Hyperscale environments. Enabling faster intelligence in the expanding digital demands of business applications the Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs are a reliable resource for fast access to critical data. The HGST Ultrastar SN200 Series SSDs double the speed of the previous generation within the same power envelope. By offering exceptional 580,000 mixed read/write random 70/30 4KiB I/O performance on the 6.4TB HH-HL add-in card (AIC), the Ultrastar SN200 Series SSD will enable OLTP applications to scale to new levels.

Extreme Performance – Maximum read throughput up to 1.2M IOPS
High Capacity – Up to 7.68TB in choice of HH-HL AIC or 2.5-inch SFF
High Quality of Service – Delivers high throughput with ultra-low latency


SS200Ultrastar SS200 SAS SSD
Leveraging widely deployed SAS storage infrastructure to scale out enterprise flash is critical for budget-conscious data centers trying to keep pace with an ever increasing volume and velocity of data generated daily. The Ultrastar® SS200 solid-state drive (SSD) is a 12Gb/s SAS Enterprise SSD from HGST that helps transform hybrid and all-flash data centers by scaling flash storage capacities using workload-optimized solutions to deliver exceptional value. Data center managers can target performance acceleration of mixed-use application workloads such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or push the capacity envelope on read-intensive workloads like data warehousing and corporate file servers. HGST continues to build on its strong tradition of leading-edge SAS SSD products to deliver more capacity, improved performance and continued emphasis on reliability to enable universal flash adoption in enterprise storage.

High Performance – Maximum read throughput up to 1,800MB/s
High Capacity – Up to 7.68TB in a 2.5-inch SFF drive
Endurance Choice – Support for mixed-use and read-intense workloads



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