Mini PCs

Mini PCs

Small form factor PCs have evolved tremendously over the years and the Intel NUC has been at the forefront of technical development. Today’s NUC’s include models that utilize many of the more advanced features commonly found in full size desktops including support for Intel Optane Memory, vPro Technology, M.2 PCIe SSD, Intel Core i7 Processors and even discrete graphics cards. In addition, Intel NUC’s are available in range of configuration options from bare bones that allow VARs to customize the memory, and storage options to complete systems that even include an operating system. With the vast variety of Intel NUC options, these form factors meet the requirements of a wide range of market segments including digital signage, health care, gaming, office automation, general purpose computing and more.

Intel NUC systems offer many benefits which include

  1. Intel Quality and Reliability
  2. Three Year Warranty
  3. Small by Design with most models measuring  4.6” x 4.4” x 1.55” to use less space
  4. Powered by Intel mobile processors, NUC’s use less power  
  5. Using notebook style AC Adapters, NUCs are Compact and Quite
  6. Customizable and unbranded so VARs can configure as needed under their company brand
  7. High Performance all around
  8. Uses less packaging making NUC’s more environmentally friendly
  9. The smaller size and significantly less weight make NUC’s less costly to ship