ASI Technology Summit

ASI Technology Summit 2022 On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Advances in hardware technology create growth opportunities for the entire channel. With that, we designed the ASI Technology Summit to deliver timely training and essential information on the industry’s most impactful innovations. These four part series events are scheduled quarterly and include a one hour specialized channel training session taking place each day during the scheduled week. Sessions are live technology driven seminars from the industries most notable and influential manufacturers.

ASI Technology Summit Q4 2022 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q4 2022 ASI Technology Summit, which took place Nov. 7-11, 2022,
included in-depth seminars from Intel, ASUS, Micron, Solidigm, & PNY.

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Intel 13th Generation Core Processor

Presented by David Bradshaw, Client Compute Group: Americas Platform and Distribution Sales
Live Session Recorded Nov. 7, 2022

Built for modern gaming, streaming, recording, and much more Intel’s highly advanced hybrid architecture with up to eight Performance-cores and up to 16 Efficient-cores makes it all possible. Get a detailed review of the technology changes behind the new 13th Generation Intel Core Processor.

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Incredible comes from within – so let’s Gear Up and Build Together

Presented by Patric Chung, Account Manager, ASUS North America & Peter A. Wang, National Sales Manager, SBG-D Distribution
Live Session Recorded Nov. 8, 2022

The foundation of every system begins with the motherboard. ASUS series motherboards are expertly engineered to unleash the full potential of 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors. Updated power designs underpin the entire lineup, which is further enhanced with the latest connectivity options and boosted by slick features that leverage Artificial Intelligence to put advanced performance at your fingertip.

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Micron Server DRAM

Presented by Kent Smith, Sr. Manager, Micron Product Marketing
Live Session Recorded Nov. 9, 2022

Learn the latest Server and Workstation DRAM information from one of the top manufacturers in the world.


Solidigm SSD Technology and Product Roadmap

Presented by Ace Stryker, Solidigm Product Marketing
Live Session Recorded Nov. 10, 2022

Solidigm client SSDs are engineered to deliver exceptional performance where ever the user needs it most. Whether the application is gaming, content creation, or productivity use, Solidigm SSDs provide ultra-consistent performance, leading class power efficiency, and high endurance. Combined with Solidigm Synergy Technology, Solidigm SSDs provide advanced intelligence that bridges the gap between host and storage to fine tune the drives performance as well as provide specific tools to monitor the drives health. Get a detailed review of products, technologies and innovative solutions that differentiate Solidigm.


Learn about the latest NVIDIA Professional and Data Center GPUs and NVIDIA Networking Solutions

Presented by Willy Ortiz, Field Sales Engineer Manager
Live Session Recorded Nov. 11, 2022

NVIDIA® professional GPUs enable everything from stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization – and are widely regarded as the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Trusted by millions of creative and technical professionals to accelerate their workflows, only NVIDIA professional GPUs have the most advanced ecosystem of hardware, software, tools and ISV support to transform today’s disruptive business challenges into tomorrow’s success stories. Learn more about NVIDIA professional GPUs during this webinar.

The key to the performance of modern data center infrastructure is in the network fabric, from the DPUs to the switches. In this webinar you will learn all about the benefits, functionalities, and key features of NVIDIA Networking end to end portfolio solutions including InfiniBand and Ethernet for Switches (Quantum, Spectrum), NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and ConnectX® SmartNICs, along with LinkX Transceivers and DACs/AOC/Patch Cables suited to copper and fiber network fabrics.

ASI Q3 Server Summit Sessions Available On-Demand

The ASI Server Summit, which took place August 23-25, 2022,
included in-depth Server-focused seminars from Intel, ASUS, & Chenbro.

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Intel Presentation

Presented by Steven Cook, Intel DCG Technical Marketing Engineer
Live Session Recorded August 23, 2022

Check out this detailed session on Intel Server Platforms from Steven Cook, Intel DCG Technical Marketing Engineer . In addition to a product review, Steven will highlight the latest product roadmap featuring the various platform solutions available from Intel including the different levels of integration going from base L3 units (Server Barebone with MB, PS, and Case) up to complete L9 servers that can be customized to your configuration requirements. Highlights include the extensive level of hardware and software validation done by Intel, as well as how Intel’s decades of engineering experience make integration, diagnostics, and repair an easy process even on the most advanced servers.

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ASUS Presentation

Presented by Charleson Go, Sr. Product Manager
Live Session Recorded August 24, 2022

ASUS is known for their engineering strength, industry leading quality manufacturing, innovative product designs, robust feature set, and long term channel support. And, while you most likely know ASUS as a leading manufacturer of motherboards, GPUs, LEDs, and notebooks, you should also know that ASUS offers a full line of 1U, 2U, and 4U barebone servers. ASUS technical and engineering strengths has resulted in the implementation of many unique features including modular designed servers that can support customized port options, as well as liquid cooled solutions for both the server and rack configuration. ASUS also offers many other advanced features such as Root-of-Trust for the firmware to prevent hackers from gaining access to the infrastructure, and offers server management solutions to provide out-of-band server management. Learn more about the full line of ASUS server solutions.


Chenbro Presentation

Presented by Ian Armitage, Technical Expert
Live Session Recorded August 25, 2022

Many end users have specific needs that can’t be met by a one-size-fits-all predesigned L10 server solution. For these end users you need flexibility to meet unique requirements while maintaining the best possible quality and staying on schedule and on budget. Learn how Chenbro provides the foundation for meeting these needs, by combining modular design, industry-leading technology, and a component certification program.

ASI Technology Summit Q2 2022 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q2 2022 ASI Technology Summit, which took place June 20-24, 2022,
included in-depth seminars from Intel, Micron, ASUS, Samsung, & Supermicro.

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Intel NUC Product Update

Presented by Barry Heller, Client Specialist / US Channel Sales
Live Session Recorded June 20, 2022

Intel NUC Systems have defined and created a new market segment for client PCs that allow customers to provide small footprint computers that deliver the same advanced features as those found in larger traditional PCs. With a broad range of capabilities such as full length PCIe GPUs, advanced processors, vPro, Thunderbolt, Wifi 6 and more, NUC computers are evolving at a rapid pace and being deployed in a wide range of segments including home, business, education, health care, security, and IOT. Join Intel’s Barry Heller for an update on the latest Intel NUC solutions, roadmap changes, feature set development, and supply availability.

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Crucial SSDs: What’s hot now and what’s hot next?

Presented by Bryan Barton, Product Marketing Manager and Harshit Ahuja, Product Marketing Manager
Live Session Recorded June 21, 2022

Join Micron SMEs Bryan Barton and Harshit Ahuja as they provide an update on Crucial’s Consumer SSD portfolio, including exciting new products to come and how they can work for your business!


Samsung Solid State Drives – Winning Product Strategy: Today, Tomorrow and Next Year

Presented by Tim Moleti, Manager – Distribution Sales | Memory & Storage B2B
Live Session Recorded June 23, 2022

Join the Samsung Team to see what’s on the horizon for Samsung SSDs. Offering SATA, NVMe, Portable and Data Center SSDs – explore the product mix.


Virtualization, Hypervisor, Containers et al: How to Enable our Customers

Sim Upadhyayula, GM, Solutions
Live Session Recorded June 24, 2022

In this session we will understand the problem facing many modern enterprises then dwell into different technology solutions (both proprietary & open source) and eventually learn about Supermicro’s portfolio of solutions & their differentiation in the marketplace.

ASI Technology Summit Q1 2022 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q1 2022 ASI Technology Summit, which took place March 21-25, 2022,
included in-depth seminars from Intel, Micron, Supermicro, and NVIDIA.

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Introducing Intel vPro Essentials for Small Medium Businesses

Presented by David Bradshaw – Intel Client Compute Group, Americas Platform and Distribution Sales
Live Session Recorded March 21, 2022

Whether your clients PCs are deployed on prem or used in a remote or hybrid work environments, security and remote management have never been more important. With over 15 years of experience, Intel vPro has proven to be a highly valuable technology for many resellers and enterprise businesses. Intel recently announced their latest rendition of Intel vPro with the introduction of Intel vPro Essentials specifically engineered for the SMB market. This new version is available on select 12th Generation Intel Core Processors and brings many new security features to the platform while maintaining the critical benefit of remote management. David Bradshaw from Intel introduces Intel vPro Essentials and outlines the feature set as well as the value proposition specifically from SMB clients.

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Intel Partner Financing by DLL

Presented by Todd Jordan – DLL Vice President National Accounts
Live Session Recorded March 22, 2022

Technology, Innovation, Product Development, and Expertise are all strategic elements of growth, but having access to other essential business related tools such as financing are also important aspects of maintaining success. As external factors in the market continue to change and the industries experiences exceptional growth, Intel launched their Intel Partner Financing program through DLL, a leader in inventory financing. ASI, Intel and DLL have a round table discussion about Intel Partner Financing, as well as other Intel channel programs designed to help support the growth of your business.

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What’s New with Micron Data Center SSDs

Presented by Andrew Mierau, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Live Session Recorded March 23, 2022

As we move through 2022, the data center market continues to experience massive growth and change. Micron storage is at the forefront of new technologies and interfaces that are changing the way data centers are designed and deployed. Learn how Micron storage products are meeting these challenges and exceeding expectations.


X12 Rackmounts: High Performance Systems based on Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable DP Solutions

Jerry Dien, Director, System Solutions at Supermicro
Live Session Recorded March 24, 2022

Deep Dive into Supermicro rackmount product offerings featuring: Hyper, Ultra and Cloud DC lineup based on the Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors.


NVIDIA GeForce – The Ultimate Platform

Kris Rey, Knowledge Content Lead, NVIDIA
Live Session Recorded March 25, 2022

Through the last 20 years, NVIDIA has dedicated itself to building the best platform for gamers and creators. Learn how the GPU and the revolutionary architecture of RTX brings the latest technologies like DLSS, Reflex, Max-Q and more to you in the Ultimate platform.