Symantec vs Norton

As many of you know, Symantec Corporation also owns Norton which is a very well known as well as respected product but there are some key differences between the two solutions that should be understood before making a recommendation.

Traditionally Symantec has been more expensive as well as been considered to be the choice for business due to it’s network capability as demonstrated by technologies such as Device Control while Norton has been positioned to be a solution for the individual user or home customer so outside this capability people essentially considered the two products to be the same. This however is not true in comparison to Endpoint which is an exceptional solution for business and individual clients due to several key elements.

While Norton includes an antivirus, antispyware and firewall agent, it does not include TruScan technology which is a virus prevention feature that proactively reviews behaviors to detect and stop malware that hasn’t been reported to the industry from ever infecting the PC making Symantec Endpoint more robust and secure.

In addition to this important variable, Symantec Endpoint also has benefits related to version update capability and free virus definition updates for life. While Norton can receive free virus updates for an entire year, only Symantec SEP can receive version updates for the same time period. This means that as revision 12, 13, 14 and so on become available Endpoint can be upgraded to these versions with in the first year.   In addition, the SEP solution will not "Expire" or "Shut Down" after one year.  Yearly subscriptions still need to be purchased to remain license compliant but there is no hard enforcement.  This allows your busy business customers peace of mind knowing that their business will not be shut down if they are one day late paying their software renewal.




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