DJI Drones – A Real Opportunity for Computer VARs
ASI Corp. is a proud distributor of DJI drones for both high-end consumer and commercial applications.

Fremont, CA – March 8, 2017 – UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones for both consumer and commercial use are growing at a dramatic rate as sales grew by 60% in 2016 reaching 2.2 million units, according to Gartner, which focused only on drones that could connect to the internet, leaving out models classified as “toys” which typically weigh under 250grams and cost less than $500. Gartner also noted that the future growth remains strong as sales are projected to continue to increase annually by 39 percent and will surpass $11 billion by 2020.

The popularity of drones is not just limited to individual users wanting a cool remote control plane that can take photos as well as videos, but the real opportunity for computer VARs is in commercial applications where the data collected by the drones (whether it be images, videos or other information gathered through the use of sensors) can be analyzed through computer hardware and software to help businesses within a wide range of industries become more efficient. In fact, the opportunity for computer VARs to introduce drones as part of an overall solution resides in many markets where they already have vast experience such as real estate, disaster response, police, fire, insurance, engineering, inspections, utilities, oil, gas, construction and more. Perhaps the most promising is agriculture, where drones are used to survey crops, check water levels, review irrigated land mapping, and even fertilize. The information delivered by the drone can be analyzed to determine the areas that need the most attention or focus.

In terms of manufacturers, ASI offers its clients DJI, which makes a wide variety of drones ranging from $500 to $4,000 for both high-end consumer and commercial applications. Depending on the price range, DJI has 36% to 67% market share in North America and has staffed the largest R&D department with over 1,500 employees. DJI drones have been used in search and rescue during floods and hurricanes as well as used for inspection of cell towers, filming the Walking Dead, helping farmers fertilize, and much more.

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