The ASI Technical Support Team is ready to help.

The value that ASI provides as a distributor is greatly enhanced by our experienced Technical Support team which is dedicated to offering extensive pre- and post-sales support on a variety of platform technologies including desktops, notebooks, servers, networking, storage, and more. Their product knowledge and technical expertise gained from working with a wide variety of hardware configurations helps save time and money by resolving issues quickly without having to contact the original hardware or software manufacturers who may not have direct experience with the particular product combination.

ASI has technicians throughout North America ready to take those technically challenging calls. In addition to routine technical service support, they provide an array of services including:

  • Pre-sales system design and configuration assistance
  • System compatibility verification
  • Platform repair services on notebooks, desktops and servers
  • BIOS, and Driver updates
  • Hardware and Software testing

Flexible. Dependable. Proactive. ASI’s Technical Support Team is a strategic and unique value-add element of our business. Our goal is to not just think in terms of products and components, but to provide the highest levels of support to our customers for platforms and solutions.

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