Intel Optane Persistent Memory

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory 200 Series is the combination of Intel 3D Xpoint memory and the DDR4 memory bus bringing about a new type of memory for servers based on Intel’s 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable processor. As previously mentioned, 3D Xpoint has greater density, and lower cost per gigabyte compared to DRAM and is non-volatile making it possible to increase system memory using 3D Xpoint DIMMS sold under the Optane brand. This has significant benefits for overcoming bottlenecks in high end server applications particularly around big data where more memory can enable the analysis of larger pools of data.

Intel Optane DC Persistent memory will not 100% replace DRAM as the configuration requires a 4:1 ration of PIMM to DRAM but utilizing Optane DC Persistent memory does allow for up to 4.5TB of memory per CPU socket or up to 36TB of system level memory in an eight socket server. In addition to adding capacity, Intel Optane DC Persistent memory brings large pools of data into memory that is closer to the processor providing for much faster access to that data.

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Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 Series

Putting More of Your Data to Work Is Now Easier Than Ever
Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 200 series delivers on average 25% more bandwidth with up to 4.5TB total memory per socket.

Key Benefits

  • Increased CPU utilization and utility of each server.
  • Increased application throughput with more memory capacity and Improve business resilience for systems with critical data.
  • Increased VM density or support more services and users.
  • Support for larger in-memory databases without prohibitive price tags.
  • Consolidate server footprint, reduce software licensing costs, and maximize return on your enterprise investment.

Intel Optane Pyramid Chart