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Rackmount Servers

Superior Performance, Efficiency and Time-to-Market for Rapid Adoption


Highest Performance and Flexibility for Enterprise Applications
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro Rackmount Ulta ImageUncompromised 2-processor design for performance supporting the highest CPU TDPs
  • Best-in-class server features including all NVMe, hybrid storage and low latency optimizations
  • Vast networking and expansion possibilities including Max/IO and Ultra Riser cards
  • Supermicro Hyper-Speed and Hyper-Turbo Technologies
  • Unique Networking Flexibility with Ultra Riser Cards

GPU Systems

Maximum Acceleration and Cost Efficiency for AI / Deep Learning and HPC Applications
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro GPU System ImageMulti-GPU optimized thermal designs for highest performance and reliability
  • Advanced GPU interconnect options for best efficiency and lowest latency
  • Leading GPU architectures including NVIDIA® HGX-2 platform with NVLink™ and NVSwitch™
  • Highly Optimized GPU-to-GPU Interconnect Architectures
  • Accelerated Deployment and Peace of Mind


Versatile Entry Level and Volume Servers for Enterprise Server Applications
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro Mainstream ImageHighly versatile servers to enable a wide variety of enterprise server applications
  • Choices of multiple form factors including rackmount, short-depth rackmount and tower
  • A rich selection of storage options, AOCs, CPU TDP and memory speed support
  • Mainstream Application Optimized
  • Powerful, Yet Cost Effective Systems


Designed for Data Centers with Best Performance, Cost and Energy Efficiency
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro DCO ImageData Center Optimized (DCO) is designed to align with complex requirements of floorspace and energy in order to achieve lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improved Thermal Architecture and High Efficiency Power Supplies for Data Center Operation
  • Short-Depth Design for Server Deployments Where Space and Power are at a Premium


Industry’s Widest Variety of I/O Optimized Servers
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro WIO ImageBest configurability of storage and networking options for the perfect fit of custom applications
  • A range of form factors for more deployment possibilities with 1U, 2U and short-depth models
  • Flexible and a Wide Range I/O Options

MP Systems

Extremely Large In-Memory Computing and Mission Critical Applications
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro MP System ImageHighest single node compute performance with up to 224 cores, 6 UPI links per socket, and 36TB of memory with 2nd Gen Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory
  • 8-socket systems in 7U, 4-socket systems in 2U, 4U rackmount and tower form-factors
  • Advanced RAS features designed for enterprise mission critical applications
  • Maximum Configurability and Scalability
  • Best Single Node Scalability and Performance Optimizations
  • Next Generation Flexible Networking AIOM

Max IO Systems

Application Optimized and I/O Maximized for Space-constrained Applications
Supermicro Max IO System ImageSupermicro Max IO solutions are resource optimized, cost-effective and ideal for space-constrained applications. Supermicro’s highly dense yet compact server designs provide excellent compute, networking, storage and I/O expansion. These servers utilize Supermicro optimized thermal designs to save energy, operate at lower decibels and minimize system power consumption. Several models provide redundant power and cooling options and run at an extended temperature range. Supermicro’s high quality assures reliable, long life and uninterrupted operation.

Supermicro Max IO solutions support a range of Intel® technologies for a diverse portfolio of use cases. Support for high-performance enterprise level Socket P processors enables customers to meet the requirements of applications including Industrial Automation (IPC), Medical Imaging, Intelligent Transport, Digital Signage, Digital Security and Surveillance, Network, Storage appliances, Edge Computing and other variety of other applications.