AI Server Solutions

AI Server Solutions

Unlocking the power of AI is a combination of many factors including software, data storage, data structure, and of course server hardware. At the center of the various AI models whether it be GenAI, machine learning, deep learning, or inferencing is the hardware. ASI has extensive partnerships with key manufactures that specialize in leading edge technologies that are ideal for custom integration for these highly advanced markets.

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The many levels of AI are creating opportunities for channel partners in a wide range of applications across every level of business including health care, finance, aerospace, industrial, energy, retail, scientific modeling, and many others. Supporting such a broad scope of markets requires a diversified group of manufacturers. ASI’s critical partnerships with motherboard, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, server platform, and industrial PC manufacturers allows us to offer our customers an extensive solution stack to meet the needs of the AI market.

AI Inference

The broadest growth segment in the AI Ecosystem may very well be driven by AI inferencing as enterprises begin to implement their trained AI models utilizing live data to produce actionable outcomes for the business. The evolution of these multi-purpose servers that will run AI inference, generate analytics, and run standard business applications all on the same platform will create opportunities for resellers to deploy servers on-prem and at the edge where they can effectively leverage data vital to the current business environment.

ASRock 2U24E-EGS2
ASRock 2U24E-EGS2

5th Gen Intel Scalable Xeon 2U Rack Server supporting 24 HS NVMe drives

These servers need versatile processors such as the 4th or 5th Gen Intel Scalable Xeon which provide advanced processor cores for high performance compute tasks as well as includes innovative accelerators that are integrated on the CPU die to boost AI, encryption, data movement, and analytics processing. System integrators can customize these servers further but integrating baseline Nvidia GPUs to provide higher levels of AI acceleration for those workloads with higher parameters.

Liquid Cooling

As server rack density continues to increase with servers that are populated with advanced CPUs and denser clusters of GPU, the energy as well as cooling requirements become increasingly critical. ASI offers a wide range of server systems that utilize direct liquid cooling (DLC) which can remove nearly 2 times the kW (25-90kW) as an air cooled server (50kW).

ASUS ESC40000-E11
ASUS ESC40000-E11

5th Gen Intel Scalable Xeon supporting 4 Dual slot GPUs with liquid cooling

HPC and High-Performance AI

For AI applications of up to one trillion parameters such as large language models, Generative AI, or large scale analytics, ASI offers several NVIDIA Certified H100 HGX platforms, as well as systems built around the NVIDIA H200 and Grace Hopper Superchip.

Gigabyte G593-SD1