Intel Turnkey Servers

Intel Server Processors, boards, and systems are renowned for their exceptional designs delivering maximum processing power, excellent manageability, and high reliability all backed by an industry leading three year warranty. Now, Intel takes their server platforms to a new level by offering complete turnkey solutions that begin with Intel Server Building Blocks and add all the necessary hardware components, including the Intel Xeon processors, memory, storage, RAID controller and Intel Remote Management Module.

These servers offer VARs many advantages, including:

  1. Fully Integrated by Intel – These servers are completely integrated by Intel and have a standard Intel part number for the entire server.
  2. Fully tested and validated by Intel – Intel does thousands of hours of validation and testing on their server boards to make sure their products meet the highest quality standard for reliability, and compatibility. The Intel Turnkey Servers are tested with all the hardware installed to ensure even higher levels of compatibility and performance.
  3. Fully warrantied by Intel – Intel offers an industry leading three year warranty which not only covers their products such as the server board, chassis, power supply, processor, SSD and more but also includes coverage on the memory, hard drives and all other components installed in these servers. This coverage includes Advanced Warranty Replacement for Intel Technology Partners and Intel 24×7 technical support that covers the entire server and does not end with only the Intel products.
  4. Intel Turnkey Servers are unbranded and ready to ship – These servers are fully integrated and ready to ship without operating system. Resellers have the ability to brand the servers as well as do the software installation adding more value for their client.
  5. Saves time and costs – Having Intel Turnkey Servers assembled, tested and ready to ship saves the VAR integration costs and time by allowing them to focus on the software installation and setup.
  6. Remote Management – The Intel Turnkey Servers all include Intel RMM (Remote Management Modules) which allow authorized users to gain access and control or diagnose the servers from any machine on the network.

Intel Turnkey Servers are offered and available from ASI. Please contact your ASI Account Manager or email our Intel Product team at for assistance designing and configuring your server.