Mini PCs Digital Signage

The Digital Signage market represents a significant opportunity for many VARs. With a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 10% and sales revenue being dominated by hardware, the Digital Signage Market in the US grew to over $4.5 Billion and is expected to exceed $6.9 Billion by 2025.

The opportunity for VARs rests in their core competencies of hardware integration, networking connectivity, managed services, technical maintenance, service and support. With the continued evolution of the digital signage market, these skill sets are increasingly important to building a successful business model. In addition, VARs can leverage established partnerships with clients in markets such as health care, education, hospitality, retail, restaurants and more who can benefit from digital signage solutions. With trusted relationships and key expertise, VARs are well positioned to be able to introduce, implement, and support a wide range of digital signage applications.

At the foundation of the overall solution is the hardware. The Intel NUC is an ideal digital signage platform, featuring stellar performance housed in a 4 inch square form factor, which can be easily VESA mounted to a display or wall. The Intel NUC features crucial functionality to support the most demanding digital signage solutions, such as remote manageability, encryption, multiple displays, and 4K resolution.

Intel offers a full range on NUC products that can be utilized in digital signage applications as media players for small and medium size businesses. For more commercial and customizable applications, Intel offer the Ruggedized NUC Element that consists of the Austin Beach case and the Chandler Bay compute module.

The Intel NUC8iXPNH is a powerful and flexible system that utilizes an Intel Core i7-8665U or Core i5-8365U both with 4 Core and Hyper-threading. It also supports dual 4K monitors through 2 x HDMI ports, includes an Intel AC 9560 wireless + blue tooth module, and can utilize both an M.2 PCIe SSD as well as a 2.5” SATA storage device. The most notable feature is that this model includes Intel vPro an essential technology that allows for remote management of the device including the ability to power on/off remotely giving the VAR the ability to offer additional services.

Intel NUC Elements

Intel NUC Elements are modular components designed for vertical markets including digital signage which includes the Rugged Element. The NUC Rugged Element family is made up of several modular parts which include the Chassis Element (Austin Beach), and the Compute Element (Chandler Bay). Both the Chassis Element and Compute Element are available in several configurations to provide maximum flexibility in terms of the product design. The Chassis Element is a fan-less dust resistant design that is available in three different configurations with the only difference being the I/O configuration. The case includes overvoltage protection, external dipole antennas, and a unique VESA mount kit that has a side car to hold the AC Adapter. There are seven different versions of the Compute Element which differ by processor and amount of onboard memory both of which are fixed to the board. For Compute Elements, we recommend the two models with Intel vPro to allow for remote management, hardened security, and remote power on/off.

Model Product SKU Intel Part CPU vPRo Memory Storage Wifi + BT
Chandler Bay Compute 241716 BKCM8V7CB8N Ci7-8665U Yes 8GB M.2 2280 Intel 9560
Chandler Bay Compute 241718 BKCM8V5CB8N Ci7-8665U Yes 8GB M.2 2280 Intel 9560
Model Product SKU Intel Part HDMI RJ45 USB Front USB Back
Austin Beach Chassis – Expandable 239733 BKCMB1ABA 2 1 1XUSB3.2,1XUSB2.0 2xUSB 3.2
Austin Beach Chassis – Dual LAN 239735 BKCMB1ABB 2 2 1XUSB3.2,1XUSB2.0 2XUSB3.2,2XUSB2.0