Superior Power & Thermal Efficiency with Advanced Security and Leading Performance

Broadcom Power ButtonPower
Broadcom’s latest generation of Ethernet controllers and adapters are designed to provide lower power utilization and reduced cooling costs while maximizing network performance.  Broadcom provides responsible power design and is the best choice for thermally challenged environments where high speed Ethernet is integrated.

Broadcom Performance ButtonPerformance
While some competitors tailor their configurations and micro-benchmarks to arrive at more desirable performance figures for publishing, Broadcom uses a default configuration with industry accepted benchmarks and tools to measure TCP and DPDK performance. Broadcom designs, tests, and publishes its thermal and performance characteristics with transparency using industry accepted best practices. Also, Broadcom’s advanced TruFlow™ packet processing and RoCEv2 capabilities assist in achieving line-rate performance with excellent host CPU utilization/efficiency, low and deterministic tail latency.

Broadcom Security ButtonSecurity
Broadcom Ethernet adapters provide the most advanced security features in the industry – enabling customers to deploy with confidence.  Multiple  levels of security, including a 4th generation Silicon root of trust and secure boot with attestation, means that your data in anchored in immutable HW with no way to bypass the highly secure framework.

Broadcom Interoperability ButtonInteroperability
Broadcom’s Ethernet Switch, PHY, Retimers and NIC portfolio capitalizes on core-IP in-house designed Ethernet MAC+SerDes and the support of open industry standards.  This technology is utilized in industry-leading switches and other IT infrastructure solutions and deployments (HPC, ML/AI, storage servers, etc). This combination of shared core-IP and open standards delivers ecosystem end-to-end interoperability by design when used in the same system, and provides freedom from proprietary solutions.

Broadcom Ethernet OCP Product Banner

ASI SKU Name  Part Number Form Factor Ports I/O
254547 BCM5719-4P BCM95719A1904AC PCIe NIC 4x 1G RJ45
254613 BCM5720-2P BCM95720A2003AC PCIe NIC 2x 1G RJ45
254614 P210TP BCM957416A4160C PCIe NIC 2x 10GBT RJ45
254615 P210P BCM957412A4120AC PCIe NIC 2x 10G SFP+
254616 P225P BCM957414A4142CC PCIe NIC 2x 25G SFP28
254549 P425G BCM957504-P425G PCIe NIC 4x 25G SFP28
267918 P150P BCM957414A4140C PCIe NIC 1x 50G QSFP28
254548 P2100G BCM957508-P2100G PCIe NIC 2x 100G QSFP56
259274 N41T BCM95719N1905C OCP 3.0 Small 4x 1G RJ45
259275 N210TP BCM957416N4160C OCP 3.0 Small 2x 10GBT RJ45
259276 N210P BCM957412N4120C OCP 3.0 Small 2x 10G SFP+
259277 N225P BCM957414N4140C OCP 3.0 Small 2x 25G SFP28
259278 N425G BCM957504-N425G OCP 3.0 Small 4x 25G SFP28
259279 N1100G BCM957504-N1100G OCP 3.0 Small 1x 100G QSFP56
257852 N2100G BCM957508-N2100G OCP 3.0 Small 2x 100G QSFP56
259258 M210TP BCM957416M4163C OCP 2.0 2x 10GBT RJ45
259267 M210P BCM957412M4123C OCP 2.0 2x 10G SFP+
259268 M125P BCM957412M4122C OCP 2.0 1x 25G SFP28
216384 M225P BCM957414M4142C OCP 2.0 2x 25G SFP28
259272 M150P BCM957414M4143C OCP 2.0 1x 50G QSFP28
259273 M1100G16 BCM957504-M1100G16 OCP 2.0 1x 100G QSFP56