Mini PCs Healthcare

With over 1.4 million medical doctors, optometrists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, primary care physicians, and dentists in the United States, the Healthcare industry is perhaps the largest business segment supported by VARs. In fact, one of the biggest benefits VARs have in working with this group of customers is that they can support the offices on a local level. Since over 75% of the offices have less than 24 doctors they fall well within the small business category, a key customer group for VARs.

Small form factor PCs are particularly advantageous in doctor offices because of the limited space and need for computers to easily adapt to the layout of examine rooms, reception desks, and other office areas. At less than 40 cubic inches and with VESA mount compatibility, Intel NUCs are an ideal solution as they can be incorporated into small spaces, mounted on walls or to the back of LED Displays. In addition, Intel NUCs offer significant savings on power consumption are quiet, and since they use less fans as well as are powered by an AC Adapter rather than a bulky power supply they attract less dust.

NUC Health Care Graph