Toshiba Hard Drives

With over 40 years of experience engineering, manufacturing, and supporting hard disk drives, Toshiba has earned their reputation for delivering high quality drives to the world’s largest data centers, as well as to a diverse breadth of customers including OEMs, ODMs, and channel partners.

The advanced use cases for the modern hard drive require the drives to be engineered and manufactured for high endurance environments that can support 24×7 workloads. Toshiba drives meet the rigorous demands of a wide range of enterprise class markets including Surveillance, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Nearline Storage, Enterprise Server, NAS, and more.

To meet the demands of these markets, ASI recommends the Toshiba MG Series of Enterprise Drives due to their unique feature set which result in High Performance, Responsive, and Reliable storage for a broad spectrum of workloads.

  • Engineered for 24×7 Operation – Ideal for Servers, Nearline Storage, Cloud, Data Center
  • All MG Series Drives include Rotational Vibration Sensors – Ideal for Surveillance Applications
  • 2.5 Million MTTF – Delivers Long Term Reliability which is Ideal for NAS applications

  • Toshiba Stable Platter Technology
  • Persistent Write Cache Technology
  • 7200RPM SAS and SATA 12TB to 18TB (Helium-sealed)
  • 7200RPM SAS and SATA 2TB to 8TB
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Toshiba Hard Drive MG Series

Data Center/Enterprise

The Toshiba MG Series of drives provide excellent quality and reliability for 24/7 Data Center, Cloud, and Enterprise operation. With Helium Sealed drives at 14TB, 16TB and 18TB, the MG series delivers a leading edge high-capacity power efficient drive that offers significant TCO benefits. Toshiba enterprise class hard drives offer high performance, high capacity storage that can deliver reliable support for 24/7 high-duty-cycle workloads.


Surveillance systems require drives that have the capacity and reliability to store as well as maintain images and data files for a long period of time. While most systems will utilize a modified client-based drive, we recommend the Toshiba MG series which is built for enterprise environments that demand 24×7 performance. The combination of a 5-year warranty, 2.5 Million MTTF, and Rotational Vibration Sensors make the MG Series an exceptional drive that can enhance the overall value and capability of your security surveillance solution.


Efficient, scalable network storage capacity is vital for enabling business teams and content creators to work collaboratively. Toshiba MG Series drives come in a range of highly reliable capacities that support 24×7 enterprise use to preserve valuable digital assets and ensure access to stored resources.