Communication, Infrastructure and Systems Solutions

Discover market-leading technologies used in communications infrastructure, smart cities and data centers. We offer a wide range of solutions for storage and Power over Ethernet (PoE) that will help meet your specific market needs while reducing cost and risk.

Data Center Systems (DCS)

Make storing big data easier. Provide effective data access, storage and protection to your enterprise and cloud data centers with innovative storage products and solutions. We are leading the way in data center transformation, providing cutting edge solutions for today’s and the next generation of NVM Express® (NVMe®), SAS/SATA, and PCI Express® (PCIe®) technologies. These solutions are designed to maximize server performance, reliability and security while reducing overall power, crucial to developing essential storage systems for your business.

Secure Data in Use and At Rest with Adaptec Storage Adapters

Increasing the focus on data security is becoming more important as the threat of cyber attacks escalate in frequency. We offer two encryption capabilities to protect data in use and at rest from such attacks: Controller-Based Encryption (CBE) and Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) support.

Find out which solution is right for your business and/or customer data.

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NVMe™ Done Right with Industry-First 24G Adaptec® Storage Adapter

Get to know the next-generation Adaptec® Tri-Mode Adapters for your enterprise applications, delivering extraordinary performance, flexibility and new levels of security that is vital for the most demanding data center infrastructures.

Let us meet your long-term storage strategies with our comprehensive line of storage adapters.

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Interoperability Study with Microchip and Toshiba

Deploy your next storage system with the assurance and reliability of a cohesive configuration.

Read our interoperability study with Toshiba and find out how the connectivity between Toshiba’s SAS/SATA HDDs and Adaptec Storage adapters enabled the creation of cutting-edge solutions and next-generation storage architectures.

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Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology powers any wired network device effortlessly and effectively, making it the most applied solution for Ethernet-based applications. We offer industry-leading solutions of multi-PoE systems (injectors/midspans and switches) capable of delivering up to 90W of flexible and dependable power over the Ethernet network to WLAN access points, network cameras, IP telephones, IP cameras and other IP-based devices, without altering your cabling infrastructure or switches. With the most comprehensive, IEEE® compliant portfolio of PoE systems in the market—from single ports to 24 ports, from 15.4W to 90W and from 1 Gb to 10 Gb, indoor, outdoor and industrial-rated PoE systems, we provide reliable PoE solutions to address any of your unique business requirements.

PoE Midspans when Switches are Not Enough

Today’s PoE injectors/midspans and switches can deliver up to 90W of consistent and adaptable power through the Ethernet network, making it the most widely used source of power in the marketplace.

But do you know which system is right to power your network infrastructure? The answer all depends on your specific situation.

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Active Solutions Addresses IP Video Deployment with PoE

The advantages of real-time video streams and archived multimedia footage have contributed to an array of public safety initiatives such as crime reduction and traffic patterns in many communities. However, the complexities that come along with having to install an outdoor IP video system are endless.

Find out how Active Solutions addressed these challenges with the help of our outdoor PoE switch.

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Innovative Real-Time People Monitoring Solution Powered by Microchip PoE Midspans

Upgrade the power needs of your existing infrastructure in the most cost-effective and fastest way possible.

See how Richnerstutz collaborated with us to solve their complex technology requirements and provide power to their people monitoring sensors installed at multiple sites in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Selling More Leveraging Microchip PoE Portfolio

Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers many benefits including flexibility, scalability and reduced cost of installation from the traditional devices that can be connected and powered over the Ethernet network including IP Cameras, Wireless Access Points and Teleconferencing Units. Microchip has the most extensive PoE Midspan portfolio in the marketplace to be paired to power these devices. The functionality and selection make it easier for Resellers and System Integrators installing Security Systems, Networks and Wireless, Conferencing Systems, 5G Networks, Sensors, Controls and Traffic Systems to offer the best option at the best price. In this webinar, learn how Microchip’s portfolio can help you sell more devices.