Microchip: Smart. Connected. Secure. Power over Ethernet and Smart Storage

Discover market-leading technologies used in communications infrastructure, smart cities and data centers. We offer a wide range of solutions for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and storage that will help meet your specific market needs while reducing cost and risk.

Power over Ethernet

Delivering the most comprehensive, IEEE® compliant portfolio of PoE systems in the market—from single ports to 24 ports, from 15.4W to 90W and from 1 Gb to 10 Gb, indoor, outdoor and industrial-rated PoE systems, we provide reliable PoE solutions to address any unique requirements needing power to any wired network device effortlessly and effectively.

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Data Center Systems

Leading the way in data center transformation with cutting edge solutions for todays and the next generation of NVM Express®(NVMe®), SAS/SATA, and PCI Express® (PCIe®) technologies to provide innovative storage products and solutions designed to maximize server performance, reliability and security while reducing overall power, crucial to developing essential storage systems for your business.

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Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powers IP Cameras >

Microchip provides PoE solutions to power IP cameras while addressing your business challenges and constraints. With easy plug-and-play installation of our PoE midspans and switches, the time and effort to deploy network surveillance systems in remote places is significantly reduced. Our multiport midspans and switches also offer centralized power management, including control and remote power cycling of IP cameras and central power backup.

Revolutionizing PoE with the Next-Generation Outdoor PoE Switch for Smart City Applications >

Explore the latest PoE switch for outdoor use in smart buildings and cities to enable services ranging from public Wi-Fi® and video surveillance to connected streetlights that increasingly need better reliability and cybersecurity protection.

Microchip PoE Powers Wireless >

Address your unique wireless network requirements with Microchip PoE to adequately power Wi-Fi® access points and 5G small cells with up to 90W, enable multi-Gigabit communication that supports data rates up to 10 Gbps and ensure network reliability by meeting specific environmental safety standard.

Data Center Systems

Have You Met the Adaptec® SmartRAID 3258-32i/e RAID Adapter? >

Data centers today undertake so much more of the workload than ever before, all without the help of critical enhancements in technology or upgrades in infrastructure. Until recently.

Meet the Adaptec® SmartRAID 3258p-32i RAID adapter.

Is Scalability Important for Your Data Center Platform? >

The storage server is at the heart of almost every data center in public, private, non-profit and government sectors. These data centers are witnessing massive growth and require strategies and systems that are scalable, cost-effective and efficient to manage this growth. Our high-performance, economical and scalable Adaptec® SmartRAID RAID adapters and Adaptec Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) are an excellent solution that can help bring scalability to your existing storage platform.

The Struggle for Data Center Cable Management is Over >

Tested for reliability and configured for optimal performance and connectivity, Adaptec® 24G cables save precious enclosure space and offer multiple cable options to simplify integration and successful deployment of your storage solution.