All in One Solutions

AIO computers offer many advantages that make them ideal for a variety of markets and usage models including a wide range of SMB industries, education segments, consumer markets, and specialty verticals such as digital signage. The standardization of the motherboard form factors used in today’s AIO’s which include Thin Mini ITX and new designs that support Intel NUC Compute Elements has helped to improve configuration options, enhance serviceability and reduce costs which are all key benefits for resellers.

  • Low Power, low noise – AIO systems use notebook style AC adapters, utilize lower watt processors and as a result have few if any fans. This not only reduces noise but also lowers power consumption.

  • Full Features and customization – ASI’s AIO partner Loop have designed their systems to leverage standard components including Thin Mini ITX motherboards, Intel NUC Compute Elements, SODIMM, M.2 as well as 2.5” storage products and WIfI/BT modules. With the variety of choices provided with these BTO All in One systems, resellers can select models that range in screen size from 23.6” to 28” as well as can customize the processor option, memory size, storage capacity and OS. In addition, with the Loop LP2385 that supports the Intel NUC Compute Element resellers can include advanced features such as Intel vPro and Intel Optane H10 Memory to provide the highest levels of security, manageability and performance.

  • Better space utilization and fewer cables – AIO systems are far more integrated then desktops and with their thinner designs, they take up less space in the work environment and have fewer cables. Antennas for the wireless and blue tooth are integrated into the AIO chassis so these features can be used to eliminate your network cable and mouse or keyboard cables. Cameras and speakers are also integrated in the case housing so that frees up additional space as well as requires no additional expense or connectivity to add those devices.
  • Easier to Service – In the past, servicing an AIO system was difficult due to the proprietary designs particularly with the MB and power adapters. The Loop AIO systems offered through ASI use standard parts so components such as the motherboard, NUC Element, SODIMM memory, 2.5” or M.2 storage are all readily available in the market.

AIO Market Segments

AIO systems are emerging in many markets due to their thin design and limited cables. While there are many applications and markets suitable for AIO systems a few worth mentioning are listed here.

Education – PC usage in today’s classroom is becoming more sophisticated with lessons incorporating online research, video editing and video collaboration. Space, manageability and security are also concerns, all of which can be solved with an AIO system. Since the PC and monitor are integrated together, the AIO takes up less desk real estate. With the camera, microphone, and speakers integrated in the unit (much like a notebook) as well as with support for wireless network connectivity and Bluetooth keyboards with mouse, the AIO system only has one cable to connect, allowing the systems to be used where the teacher feels is most suitable.

Ergonomics – As we spend more hours at work and at home using a computer, proper ergonomics becomes a greater concern to help prevent back or neck strain and other repetitive issues. With their fully integrated design, limited cables, and VESA mount support, AIO systems are ideal for use on monitor arms that allow for proper positioning of the computer screen as the user may change positions from sitting to standing as an example. Resellers can differentiate themselves and their product message by including an ergonomic option supported with AIO systems.

Digital Signage – The same reason that AIO systems are ideal for schools and ergonomic usages, they are also ideal for digital signage applications, particularly in small businesses. The ability to combine the PC and monitor into one unit and reduce the number of cables and utilize capabilities such as M.2 SSD to save power and reduce heat, along with the improved manageability of vPro, make AIO systems unique in the digital signage segment.

Finance – Perhaps one of the most unique models in ASI’s AIO line up is the Loop LP2385 which uses the Intel NUC Compute Element (Chandler Bay) and incorporates the security features of Intel vPro making it ideal for banks, accounting firms, brokers, credit unions, insurance agents and other markets where manageability are critical. In addition, the LP2385 has an adjustable stand that can tilt and pivot adding flexibility to viewing the screen.

Loop LP2385 Video Overview
Loop LP2386 and LP2702 Video Overview