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For over three decades, ASI has strategically partnered with the industry’s top manufactures to provide hardware components that are essential to system resellers that build and brand custom gaming systems for their clients. ASI has strategic partnership across the entire gaming ecosystem working with manufactures that build products tailored specifically for this segment. Our product mix includes gaming centric CPU, motherboard, GPU, memory, SSD, HDD, case, power supply, coolers, liquid coolers, KB, mouse, monitor, speakers, gaming chairs, networking and more.

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ASI Value

  • Built from the Motherboard Up
    ASI takes great pride in our partnerships with leading PC Gaming centric motherboard manufactures including ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock.  As a critically important component, the motherboard is not only the foundation of your system, but the foundation of ASI’s business strategy.

  • Decades of GPU Experience
    ASI has enjoyed a partnership with NVIDIA and AMD dating back to the GeForce 256 and ATI days. Our combined partnerships with the motherboard/GPU board partners have allowed us to support a diverse range of resellers and markets that leverage GPU performance.

  • Cases, Power Supplies, and Coolers
    Often overlooked by most national distributors but a highly regarded category at ASI. With over 20 different partners in this category, we give our customers a wide variety of supplier options and designs. This allows our resellers to provide their clients with unique systems that meet their highest quality standards.

  • Custom Built is in our DNA
    ASI has over 35 years of experience in the custom built, BTO, private label, and high performance PC market. Our product mix, vendor partnerships, customer channels, and support programs have all been enhanced to support this diverse market segment.

  • Knowledgeable Sales Team
    ASI is serious about the importance of training as knowledgeable account managers are a stronger asset to our customers. We therefore work closely with our vendors to provide up to date daily training sessions for our sales personnel to make sure they maintain their expertise on the latest technologies and market trends.

  • System Integration
    ASI has longstanding expertise integrating custom compute solutions for our customers when needed. With access to a wide range of components we can not only build systems to our customers specifications but we can also provide configuration review, feedback, and guidance based on our experience.