Micron Enterprise SSD
Made for the big demands of data center applications — Micron Enterprise SSDs deliver high performance and reliability, superior data protection, and optimal endurance to support your data center infrastructure.

Micron® 7450 NVMe SSD

Micron 7450 Group imageThe Micron 7450 SSD enables advanced storage solutions with multiple U.3, M.2, and E1.S form factors, capacities up to 16TB-class, and multiple security options. Software defined storage, database and virtualization solutions excel on the Micron 7450, thanks to its PCIe® Gen4 throughput, low latency, and excellent quality-of-service. This vertically integrated solution includes many Micron-developed technologies, such as its industry-leading 176-layer NAND that delivers sub-2ms quality of service, controller, firmware, and memory. This combination of advanced technologies, performance, features, and design flexibility allows the Micron 7450 to meet or exceed data center server needs.

Key Features
• Power loss protection
• Enterprise data path protection
• Firmware activated without reset
• Secure erase
• Secure boot
• Hardware root of trust, secure signed firmware
• Full-drive encryption capable (TCG OPAL 2.01, specific part numbers)
• 5-year limited warranty

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Micron® 9300 NVMe SSD

Micron 9300 SSDWhen Microseconds Matter
Performance-critical cloud and enterprise workloads demand consistently fast throughput and near real-time access to data. The Micron 9300 series of NVM Express® (NVMe™) SSDs delivers industry-leading sequential write performance and the lowest average write latency in the market to accelerate your growing data center demands.

Rely on a Trusted, Proven Architecture
Micron has proven the value of flash technologies like 3D TLC NAND and NVMe in building next-level enterprise and cloud infrastructures. Our flagship high-performance storage product, the Micron 9200 SSD, was the industry’s highest 4K random read IOPS SSD and the first to deliver over 10TB of storage capacity to the marketplace. The Micron 9300 SSDs leverage this rich history while improving speed and performance and lowering power (28% versus the 9200 SSD). The familiar architecture of the 9300 accelerates OEM quals.

Larger and More in Charge
With our highest-capacity enterprise SSDs, the Micron 9300 series challenges HDDs head-on with drives from 3.2TB to 15.36TB. The 9300 SSDs also offer simplified firmware management, expansion into multiple namespaces to accommodate multitenancy, and more parallel sessions for single storage devices. And the Micron 9300 SSDs are our most power-efficient and cost-efficient enterprise NVMe SSDs to date.

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Micron® 7400 NVMe SSD

Micron 7400 SSDSolid-State Storage Optimized for Growing, Evolving Infrastructure
Driven by hardware-level security, the Micron 7400 SSD with NVMe delivers PCIe Gen4 performance and the world’s broadest PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD portfolio for data center infrastructure innovation. It is a flexible line of data center SSDs supporting standard server storage (U.3), cloud and 1U platforms (performance and density focused), and system boot (M.2).

PCIe Gen4 Performance That Scales
The Micron 7400 delivers two times the throughput of our last-generation mainstream SSD3 with NVMe, along with 128 namespaces to maximize scalability in virtual environments. It is fully backwards compatible with PCIe Gen3 systems for more flexibility.

At the Leading Edge of Security With Hardware-Driven Performance
The Micron 7400 supports trusted industry standards to enable integration with your encryption key management solution to provide seamless authentication and management of Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) assets.

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Micron® 5300 SATA SSD

Micron 5300 SSDInvigorate Your Infrastructure
Moving to all-flash storage often involves choosing SATA, and your workloads deserve innovation. The Micron 5300 series of SATA solid state drives (SSDs) brings you the latest 3D NAND technology with everything you expect from Micron’s SATA portfolio, which is the broadest in the industry. As the first cost-effective, 96-layer TLC NAND flash drive for SATA, the Micron 5300 rewards modernization efforts with high performance, consistency, and reliability on a proven architecture. The Micron 5300 SSD has a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 3 million device hours—50% more than the norm.1

Modernize and Economize to Maximize
Refresh your data center and gain performance upgrades. Modernize your racks, stacks, and server arrays by updating your data center with the performance, consistency, and expanded data security of the Micron 5300 SSD. Its enterprise-class SATA storage delivers robust, consistent performance at 6 Gb/s for your data center and cloud, along with sequential read speeds of 540 MB/s.2

Security for Flash Storage
The Micron 5300 series of SATA SSDs includes Micron’s solid, secure firmware features — secure digital signatures and boot-time attestation — plus AES 256-bit hardware encryption that follows the TCG Security Subsystem Class (SSC) Enterprise specification for storage devices for servers, data centers, and enterprise applications. The 5300 SSDs operate with the drive’s onboard encryption engine, so encryption doesn’t cause a degradation in performance.

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1. Per public data sheet specifications, the Micron 5300 SSD has a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 3 million device hours, compared to 2 million hours for SATA enterprise SSDs
2. 540 MB/s is the maximum bandwidth available to any SATA device
3. Refers to the combination of capacities, endurance classes and form factors.