Solidigm Strategic Pillars

There are many factors that go in to the engineering of an SSD to optimize performance. Simply because a drive uses the same or similar NAND, has the same controller, and has similar cache does not mean the drive will deliver the same functionality. Solidigm Solid State Drives are specifically engineered and differentiated through their four strategic pillars that serve as the foundation for their product design.

Solidigm Icon Performance with Impact

Performance with Impact:

Not only do Solidigm SSD solutions perform well when tested with traditional benchmarks but they are more importantly optimized to accel during Real World Workloads where users are performing mixed read and writes, as well as generate highly random tasks that run at low I/O que depths.

Solidigm consistency


The performance of traditional SSDs degrades as the drive’s storage and cache fill with data. Solidigm SSDs are designed to deliver consistent performance over time so performance levels are maintained even when the storage is full.

Solidigm Icon Power

Power Efficiency:

Power efficiency is not only important for notebooks but also for standard PCs. Solidigm drives manage power to avoid throttling which can increase heat and power draw.

Solidigm Icon Endurance

Endurance and Reliability:

Solidigm backs their drives with a leading 5-year warranty and is committed to ensuring the drives will write as well as read more data without errors. This ensures the highest levels of reliability.