Solidigm Synergy Technology

Solidigm Synergy is an innovative software stack that bridges the gap between host and storage to deliver performance with impact. It is a key differentiator within the Solidigm client family as it provides unique drivers that intelligently manage as well as fine tune cache usage to increase performance in Real World Workloads. Solidigm Synergy also provides a full complement of health monitoring tools that report on the drives status and allow the user to tune SSD characteristics to match their use case.

Solidigm Synergy
Solidigm Icon Synergy Performance

Solidigm Synergy helps boost performance at low Que Depths where over 90% of client applications are performed. Additionally, Solidigm Synergy boost performance during highly random or read intensive tasks such as those that occur in productivity and content creation use cases.

Solidigm Icon Synergy Learning

Solidigm Synergy leverages advanced algorithms and AI to monitor as well as identify high priority data. This data is automatically moved to cache where it can be accessed faster by the drive. This learning and optimization of cache also ensure that Solidigm SSDs will maintain the highest levels of performance as the drive fills with data.

Solidigm Icon Synergy Consistency

Solidigm Synergy leverages cache to deliver consistent performance as the drive fills with data. The performance of traditional drives will degrade almost immediately and will then level off at a slower performance level. Solidigm Synergy allows the cache to intelligently manage data and will maintain the highest level of performance for a longer period of time giving the user a more consistent experience.