Office Home & Business 2021 updates familiar productivity tools to help consumers stay organized, work together, and create content like pros—so they can move their businesses forward. 
With Office Home & Business 2021, customers can:

Create content

  • With productivity and creativity tools powered by the cloud, your customers are empowered to be better writers, presenters, and creators.
  • Office Home & Business 2021 helps them communicate more effectively with their customers and, ultimately, grow their businesses.

Collaborate with others

  • In the new remote and hybrid work landscape, it’s crucial to effectively work together across platforms and locations. New collaboration tools allow your customers to do just that with ease.
  • These tools will bring your customers together with their customers, families, and friends to build a community and create deeper connections.

Track and organize

  • The lines between home life and office life are more blurred than ever before. That’s why organization is key.
  • With Office Home & Business 2021, customers have a single set of apps that can be used across work and life. From preparing for their morning meeting to getting ready for a big presentation, these tools help customers stay organized.

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