Direct view LED displays and projectors are great solutions for large venues. With so many options and features out there, however, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. With factors like price, picture quality, and maintenance, this short guide is here to help you decide.

Read on to learn how projectors and direct view LEDs can solve your large venue problems and be a positive investment for your venue no matter what you choose.

Setting up the perfect large venue display does not have to be complicated. Still, it is important to know which to choose between projectors or video wall displays.

Projectors are output devices that take images, moving or still, from computers or other devices and project them on a surface or screen. There are different types of projectors, like LED, laser, and data projectors. But this article will talk about laser projectors.

Video wall displays are a newer technology, but not by much. Common in large venues like shopping centers or stadiums, these large-scale displays are made of multi-monitor setups. Recently, direct view LED video walls allow for a single device consisting of a single screen of interconnected monitor panels for a bezel-free and easy-to-use display.

Maximum Display Size

Projectors are tiny devices with a lot of power. Some projectors are portable but still can display big images. And if you invest in multiple projectors, you can even create super long images with a technique called edge blending! That’s pretty crazy.

Direct view LEDs are smaller in image production size than projectors. Despite their large size averaging from 130” to 165” in display length, they cannot project outside of the actual device. It cannot beat out multiple projectors.

That means if your large venue is, indeed, very large, then a projector could be the best solution for you. Even multiple projectors would be better, allowing for displays that can fill the entire room.

Winner: Projectors

Picture Quality

Projectors are great for size. But they can lack in picture quality. It is also important that if you are wanting to plan events where videos or pictures will be taken, the refresh rate will become a problem. This is often why photos or videos of computer monitors may have distortions in them.

Direct view LEDs have beautiful picture quality with high refresh rates. In fact, it’s unbeatable. LED screens, in comparison to LCD, give sharper and realistic colors. This means they are perfect for almost all cases. explains the difference between LED and LCD video wall if you want to learn more.

In conclusion, if you need crystal-clear imaging and color accuracy, using video wall displays is the best solution and certainly worth the price.

Winner: Direct View LED

Installation and Maintenance

Projectors seem like a simple solution that you plug in and go, but there’s more to it. You must calibrate your projector, pick the best location, and maintain it. If you accidentally bump it, you may have to recalibrate.

Direct view LEDs seem scary, but they are one of the easiest to install. Since they are bezel-free multi-monitor displays, they are installed panel by panel with relative ease.

Overall, in terms of hidden costs, upkeep, and installation, there isn’t much that can beat the direct view led in terms of ease.

Winner: Direct View LED

Lighting and Environment

Projectors are not ideal for every environment. Their image quality can be altered by things out of your control. Projectors are best for indoor solutions where they can be calibrated and left alone. But they still will require some regular maintenance and readjustment.

Direct view LEDs are not altered by environments and lighting. In fact, they are made as solutions for these specific issues. With high brightness and resolution, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor. Once you have installed it, you are ready to go. And thanks to a ridiculously high refresh rate on LED panels, these displays are ideal for filming and photography without any flickering or discoloration.

This means if you want to leave, forget it, and be assured you are getting what you need, the direct view LED is the only way to go.

Winner: Direct View LED

Prestige and Impact

Projectors are not the most prestigious technologies out there. Many people now associate them with classrooms and disgruntled teachers trying unsuccessfully to calibrate them mid-lesson. While this amazing technology is cheap and accessible for many people, it may not give your large venue the oomph you are looking for.

Direct view LEDs give you the feeling of prestige. These screens produce massive yet beautiful images that are stunning. Any customer or client who walks into your venue will feel spoiled by the investment you made for them. Never be afraid to invest for the long term and research how to make the best of your purchases.

If you really want to wow those who come to your large venue, a direct view LED is the only way to do so.

Winner: Direct View LED

Cost Considerations

Projectors are a budget-friendly solution for large venues. With capabilities to project on surfaces both large and small, for the price it is worth it. We estimated the rough average cost of a laser projector is between $2,000 to $3,000, though more expensive models can run over $10,000. This does not include replacement piece costs, however, so there may be hidden or unexpected costs over the device’s lifetime.

In contrast, direct view LEDs are more expensive. On average, these displays can cost anywhere from $50k to $350k before installation fees! This price is justified by many of their more advanced features, but sticker shock can be a difficult hurdle for large venues unable to afford a top-end display.

Overall, if you find yourself struggling with a budget, you should choose a projector. For the price point, quality, and functionality it will get the job done.

Winner: Projectors

Projector vs. Direct View LED: Which is Better?

Overall, the direct view LED may be a better solution for your large venue. However, each situation is different. For example, the biggest factor to consider may be price, as projectors are a budget-friendly solution with good results. But keep in mind, all solutions should be long-term, not short-term.

If you still are unsure which is the winner for you and would like to compare specs directly, you can learn more about ViewSonic’s large venue laser projectors and direct view LEDs here. Or check out ViewSonic’s article on choosing the right presentation display.

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