Updated 1/14/22 with Warranty Support and Intel Partner Alliance Information.

SK hynix has officially announced the completion of their acquisition of Intel NPSG, the business unit responsible for the design, manufacturing, and distribution of Intel Solid State Drives. The new division will be known as Solidigm. The new name is symbolic of the goal to continue to lead the evolution of Solid-State Storage Technology by setting higher standards for customer inspiration, solution innovation, product excellence, agility to market, manufacturing quality and more.

Who is Solidigm?

Solidigm is a top global provider of innovative NAND flash memory solutions, offering world-leading products. Founded in December 2021, Solidigm’s CEO Rob Crooke is the former head Intel’s NAND Products and Solutions Group (NPSG), and the company includes many employees from NPSG, including field sales, technical sales, marketing, engineering, warranty support, and manufacturing. Many of those who supported the distribution and reseller channels for Intel from its first SSD back in 2008 will continue those responsibilities for Solidigm.

What are the Solidigm SSD Model of Drives?

With the launch of Solidigm, there will be new memory and storage technologies on the horizon but for today, Solidigm drives are manufactured by the same factory that produced Intel drives. Therefore, to maintain consistency and to ease customer product transitions, the current drives will retain the same Intel model number, same Intel product name, same Intel packaging, same internal components specified by Intel, and will still be branded as Intel.

Will there be new ASI SKU numbers for Solidigm?

To maintain consistency and ease of transition, ASI will be utilizing the same internal SKU numbers for Solidigm drives that were used as Intel drives so the ASI SKU for an Intel P5510 is still the same for the Solidigm P5510. This will again support a smoother business transition for both ASI and our valued customers.

What About My Customer’s Product Forecasts?

Since Solidigm is made up of the same dedicated account teams, logistics teams, and manufacturing staff that supported the channel as Intel NPSG, all product forecasts, and allocations will be maintained so nothing will be lost, reset, or reallocated under Solidigm. Simply stated, this means that all schedules will remain the same as they were with Intel NPSG.

How is Warranty Support Managed?

With the entire Intel NPSG business unit which includes manufacturing, sales, engineering, technical field sales, and support becoming Solidigm, Solidigm will handle all warranty processes for Intel/Solidigm SSD products, excluding Intel Optane, which remains an Intel product. Customers are recommended to contact the local Solidigm RMA team by email at Solidigm.RMA@intel.com

Is Solidigm Participating in the Intel Partner Alliance Program?

In order to provide a smooth transition for Intel Partner Alliance Members, Solidigm will continue to participate in the Intel Partner Alliance program for up to 12 months. Intel Partner Alliance members will continue to earn and redeem IPA points for purchasing eligible Solidigm products from ASI, an authorized distributor for both Intel and Solidigm, for the next 12 months covering 2022. More details can be found on Solidigm’s web site at https://www.solidigmtechnology.com/en/support.html

What Does SK hynix Add to Solidigm?

SK hynix and Solidigm are complementary. Solidigm has an unmatched, complementary technology portfolio for design optimization in all segments, deep technical expertise, and decades of platform and solutions-based collaboration. SK hynix brings expanded engineering expertise, specialty in a range of vertical markets, a tradition of delivering high-quality products, and exceptional manufacturing scale, all of which are advantages that will enhance the capabilities of Solidigm.

Is ASI an Authorized Distributor for Solidigm?

Since the launch of Intel’s X25-M SSD drive back in 2008, ASI has enjoyed a long partnership with Intel building our SSD business with the support of our valued customers. During the past 13 years, ASI earned many acknowledgements from Intel including multiple Top SSD Distributor of the Year awards, as well as being selected as the launch partner for the Intel 660P and the Intel Optane H10. ASI is proud to announce that we will continue to partner with Solidigm to support the channel as an Authorized Distributor. Adding Solidigm will continue the expansion of ASI’s SSD product line card, giving ASI one of the most advanced and diverse Solid State Storage portfolios in the market.

With the transition from Intel NPSG to Solidigm, there will certainly be a lot of questions, but our goal at ASI is to manage the process as easily as possible with little to no disruption in business operations, so please contact your ASI Account Manager for any additional specifics, or leave us a comment below.