Desktop AI PCs are Here

Desktop AI PCs Are Here

AI is reshaping the computer industry, influencing technical changes across the entire ecosystem from the edge all the way to the client, where the Intel Core Ultra is redefining the capabilities of the AI PC. With advanced performance cores, an integrated Intel ARC GPU, and the addition of an NPU, AI applications are being optimized to run better on Intel. Combined with Intel vPro Technology, channel resellers can solve multiple client challenges by not only accelerating AI applications but by also dramatically improving security and manageability.

The AI PC for Business

  • Intel Core Ultra Processor with Intel vPro Technology

  • 2X AI Performance gain, Gen over Gen

  • 70% Less Attack surface compared to 4 year old PCs (most likely to refresh)

  • Over 100 ISVs have optimized over 300 AI applications for the Intel Core Ultra Processor

  • With Intel OpenVINO, Intel OneAPI, and over 18,000 Software Engineers, Intel can support the entire AI Ecosystem at scale

  • Small language models can be run on a client computer. this new processor as well as transforming the alliance between hardware and software to optimize the solution experience.

AI PC Solutions for the Desktop

The Intel Core Ultra is currently a mobile processor, but for business customers that prefer a desktop platform, ASI offers the ASUS NUC Pro, the ASUS NUC Pro+ (Modified Chassis to Includes Intel vPro Technology), and the ASRock BOX NUC/NUCS. This not only gives customers access to a desktop-class PC, but it also offers the additional advantages of being compact, quiet, energy efficient, and powerful.