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In today’s competitive market, selecting a distribution partner is an important decision. With 35 years of experience in the high tech distribution industry, ASI has a proven track record of reliability and performance with over 10,000 loyal customers. This gives ASI a unique understanding of the market allowing us to work closely with our partners to help them strengthen their business by creating more value, controlling costs, and reducing time to market. As a leading distributor of IT products and services with 9 locations in the US and Canada, ASI helps IT companies of all sizes compete more effectively. We can do the same for you.

ASI offers a wide array of benefits that few resources can match.

  • Choosing a Distributor ImageProduct Strategy: ASI supports a multi-tiered strategy providing our customers with components that serve the private label and purpose built vertical markets as well as offer fully branded systems for customers looking to leverage a multinational solution.
  • Vendor Relationships: As an Authorized Distributor, ASI maintains strategic vendor partnerships with the industry’s leading brands including Intel, ASUS, NVIDIA, MSI, Samsung, Supermicro, Micron, AMD, Viewsonic, Toshiba and more.
  • SMB Channel Experts: With a broad selection of over 10,000 SKUs, ASI supports a wide range of resellers from those that target specific market segments such as SMB, Education and Health Care to those that provide vertical solutions for Data Center, Cloud Computing, Digital Signage, Security Surveillance, Storage, HPC and more.
  • Technical Support: Throughout North America, ASI maintains a staff of highly-trained, experienced technical support personnel who excel at helping you avoid problems and resolve issues when they arise giving our resellers unsurpassed pre- and post-sales support.
  • Technology Trained Sales Team: ASI is serious about the importance of training not only for our customers but also for our sales teams. We understand that knowledgeable account managers are a stronger asset to our customers. We therefore work closely with our vendors to provide up to date daily training sessions for our sales personnel to make sure they maintain their expertise on the latest technologies and market trends.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: If you’re looking for a “Trusted Advisor” you need an account manager that knows your business. ASI understands the importance of having a dedicated account manager responsible for each customer. The more knowledge our sales person can have related to the specifics of their customer the better they can help suggest products and opportunities that are consistent with the resellers core competencies.
  • System Integration: With over 35 years of Custom System Integration experience, ASI gives our customers access to a variety of value-add services that range from integration of client class PCs as well as enterprise servers, to packaging, to ongoing end-user support and supply chain management.
  • Financing: ASI offers flexible financing options for qualified resellers, as well as Government / Education discount programs that help Improve cash flow. In addition ASI customers also have access to special discounts and incentives that are specifically negotiated for our customers.
  • Educating the Channel: Staying up to date on the latest industry trends is an essential competitive advantage particularly in the fast paced high tech industry. ASI invests heavily in this area providing our customers with a variety of educational tools including regional seminars, national webcasts, live technology road shows, and online videos that keep you abreast of new technologies, emerging opportunities, and strategies to help boost your bottom line.

Why ASI Customer Financing

The degree of control that you maintain over your cash flow has a profound impact on your ability to manage, plan, compete and grow. At ASI, we’re committed to doing what we can to help our customers succeed by providing access to financing programs that give them the flexibility they need to expand their business.

On the surface, it may seem as if there is little of no difference between one credit source and another. But ASI provides additional benefits that set us apart from our competitors, including:

  • Knowledge of your business. With a client base of over 10,000 VARs, systems integrators, OEMs and retailers, we’re well versed at working with businesses of virtually all sizes. This enables us to recommend financing terms and innovative solutions that are a perfect fit for where you are today.
  • Responsive service. ASI has a strong commitment philosophy so we maintain credit personnel to support our local customers. That means that when you have questions about credit or financing, there’s someone nearby who is focused on serving you and your area.
  • Financial stewardship. Over the past 30 years, we’ve become experts at matching our customers with the types of terms and programs that fit best with their business. As a result, we can help you find solutions that will enable you to get the products you need today, with terms that will not hinder your company’s performance in the future.

If access to responsible, reasonable financing is important to your business, in ASI you’ll find a partner you can count on.

ASI Solutions

Over the years we have expanded our product line up to support a multi-tiered strategy providing our customers with components that serve the private label and purpose built vertical markets as well as offer fully branded systems for customers looking to leverage a multinational solution. ASI focuses on products and solutions that fit within the Enterprise Server, Cloud Computing, AI, Data Center, Storage, Business Compute, Gaming PC, Digital Signage, IOT, and Notebook platform segments with specific emphasis placed on the system mainboard, the foundation of our sales cycle.

In addition, we support our comprehensive product offering with an array of value-added services that range from ISO 9001-certified integration, system design and process validation, kitting, private labeling, custom packaging and more. For those customers requiring specialized servers for data center, AI, GPU server and cloud applications ASI offers integration services through our ACT division that provides custom integration, custom design, turnkey validation, rack testing and serialization as well as record logs for build standardization over time.