Purpose-built storage for today's data-intensive workloads

The need for agile, more scalable infrastructure has challenged legacy data center technology. “One size fits all” storage is slow and inefficient for today’s demanding workloads, like AI model training, real-time analytics, private cloud as well as massive-scale public cloud computing and storage. Nothing is the same in today’s data centers because nothing is the same in what they do — or how they do it. Micron stands ready to help with proven, industry-leading, data-center SSDs that are optimized for diverse, demanding workloads from the storage core to the application level. It’s just one way Micron is built different — for your business to thrive in the tech forward world.

We’ll help you be the hero. Enable next-generation performance on data-intensive workloads like:

Hybrid cloud infrastructures

Flexible, cloud-native architecture with over 4M read IOPS and over 1.5M mixed IOPS

The Micron 7450 SSD on WekaIO with WekaFS delivers storage simplification at exabyte scale for optimized, on-premises cloud infrastructure.

Video streaming

Scale data access to support thousands of concurrent ultra-HD video streams

Using RedHat Ceph Storage 3.3 and Micron 7000-Series SSDs, media and other enterprise applications can gain the benefits of all-flash NVMe solutions.

Active object stores

Peak GET performance: 17,647 MiB/s with 40 threads and 4MiB

MinIO object storage cluster nodes and Micron 7000-Series SSDs in AMD EPYC™CPUs transform HDD data dumps into modern architectures, on budget.

An NVMe storage portfolio built for your purposes

Learn which Micron SSDs are right for you and your customers. We meticulously engineer our products to deliver impressive results for our partners, like these:

  • The Micron 7450 NVMe SSD consistently delivers 2ms and lower latency1, improving consistent performance in database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, RocksDB, Cassandra, and Aerospike – yet is priced for the mainstream data center and delivered in a variety of form factors.
  • NVMe SSDs keep CPUs fed and reduce data bottlenecks for workloads that deal with large, growing and complex data sets, like big data analytics and AI model training, all of which need efficient and cost-effective storage.
  • Micron SEDs deliver some of the strongest data storage security2 available, without compromising performance or affordability, and are especially impactful for federal and financial industry workloads.
Real, accessible experts across the globe

Micron’s six centers of excellence, along with our 13 global customer labs, help our customers foster collaboration and capitalize on the capabilities of our memory and storage solutions at the system level. Channel partners and end-users can also build with confidence following the reference architectures in Micron lab-validated Accelerated Solutions.

Micron’s Austin Lab is armed with a team of experts who test our storage and memory in today’s challenging workloads to recommend the right products to put in your data center servers. They’re part of the Micron Data Center Workload Engineering (DCWE) team with Hyderabad, India, driving architectural innovations to help customers and partners increase performance, reduce cost and optimize utilization of all hardware assets.

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1. The 7450 SSD delivers 2ms and below 99.9999% read latency, tested up to queue depth = 32 for 4KB, 100% random, 70% read workload.
2. No hardware, software or system can provide absolute security under all conditions. Micron assumes no liability for lost, stolen or corrupted data arising from the use of any Micron products, including those products that incorporate any of the mentioned security features.