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Intel Core Ultra – AI PCs

As workloads get more complex with the rapid evolution of AI enhanced software, and as security threats continue to be an increasing challenge, businesses need more from a PC than ever before. Intel Core Ultra Processors with Intel vPro unlock the power of AI for business and deliver a multilayer hardware-based security platform right out of the box.

Intel Core Ultra Processor – The Heart of the AI PC

The Intel Core Ultra utilizes a new 3D Hybrid architecture that includes the integration of a CPU, GPU and a dedicated NPU engine for AI acceleration all on the same die. The result is a powerful, energy efficient processor that can run various AI applications from ML to inferencing. Running these AI instances at the client level rather than exclusively in the cloud improves user efficiency, lowers latency, secures company data, and reduces costs.

Intel vPro – The Security Business Demands

Intel vPro – The Security Business Demands

The Intel Core Ultra processor has 20 new or updated Intel vPro features which provide a 70% attack surface decrease compared to four-year-old PCs.  Today, 88% of corporate boards see cybersecurity as a business risk and not just an IT technical problem. Including Intel vPro as part of an overall AI PC strategy is a critical value add and differentiator. ASI offers a full range of notebooks and ASUS NUCs that utilize the Intel Core Ultra processor with Intel vPro Technology.

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AI PCs – Software Collaboration and Something to Accelerate

The combination of AI enhanced software and AI accelerated hardware requires many levels of collaboration to deliver an optimized AI experience. With Intel’s investment in Open-Source development tools such as OpenVINO, and with their extensive staff of software programmers they have partnered with over 100 ISVs to create over 300 ISV features providing the largest library of user AI software of any processor vendor.

Intel's AI PC Acceleration Program