ASI Solutions Center

ASI Solutions Center

ASI Solutions Center is a dedicated computer assembly facility that custom builds a wide range of compute devices for the reseller channel. Systems that are built by ASI undergo a standardized build process that utilizes our custom ASI Test Monitor (ATM) software program, which provides detailed order status tracking through the entire production workflow, defines the test process, test duration, and test results, as well as includes BIOS/firmware version validation for consistency across multiple build projects. ATM creates a system profile for asset tracking that can be used for current, as well as future, configuration duplication for any system built by ASI, including desktop, gaming, workstations, notebooks, GPU servers, data base servers, cloud servers, IOT systems, medical equipment, digital signage and more.

ASI Solutions Center Unique Capabilities

  • The utilization of a standard assembly workflow that has been implemented for all systems built by ASI Solutions Center. This workflow can have specific processes incorporated into the procedure to meet our customers’ requirements.
  • ASI Test Monitor, or ATM, is a custom engineered software utility that helps ensure that each build process can be defined, tracked, and validated. In addition, the program tracks the order status, components used, and serial numbers for asset tracking. ATM is a powerful test monitoring tool as it defines the test duration and test results along with logging BIOS versions, firmware versions, MAC Address, and more, creating a hardware profile that can be tracked, duplicated, and validated across different quantities and assembled at different times that may be days, weeks, or months apart.
  • ASI Solutions Center is a flexible operation that can manage builds from a single unit up to thousands of units and can even manage a diverse range of configurations within each build project.
  • ASI Solutions Center has been custom building compute devices for the channel for over 35 years with an exceptional track record of supporting a wide range of resellers.
  • ASI has authorized partnerships with strategic manufacturers such as motherboard, case, power supply, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, and networking that are essential to system configurations.
  • With these partnerships, ASI Solutions Center can work with our vendors to bring our resellers specialized compute solutions from concept to design with custom enclosures and test validation.

Design & Engineering

  • Concept design
  • Mechanical validation
  • Customizable tests
  • Rigorous stress test
  • Automated processes

Supply Chain

  • Extensive vendor network
  • Forecast management
  • Inventory management
  • Project management
  • Warehousing


  • Asset management
  • Rack level integration
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Quality report