Build Your Business Future on a Workstation

Why Choose a Workstation

Professional platforms are built for professional workloads.
PCs are great for office and personal productivity. Workstations are designed for professional environments where business strategies and powerful computing drive technology requirements.

Two Paths to Develop a Strong Technology Foundation

Choose from Intel processor families designed for professional workloads.

10th Gen Intel Core vPro Processors and Intel Xeon Workstation Processor Family

Workstation Technologies that Support Business Strategies

What Matters Most to Your Business?

Built-In Manageability and Security

Enables remote management for hassle-free maintenance and hardware-enhanced protection of your projects and data. Lowers TCO.

Data Integrity Enabling Productivity

Reduces/eliminates interruptions and crashes by detecting and correcting most memory errors as they happen.

Certified Application Compatibility

OEM and ISV validations for assurance that the platform and software are a good match.

More Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

Sustains higher uptime and reduces impacts to workflow.

Sell the Right Intel Workstation Processor for Your Customers’ Workloads

1. Understand your customer

  • Recognize customer markets, use cases, and needs.
  • Focus on typical requirements: performance, scalability, reliability, security, certification, and manageability.
  • Reference “Build Your Business Future on a Workstation

2. Know our processors

  • Clearly understand customer compute requirements.
  • Learn the capabilities of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® workstation processors.

3. Match capabilities

  • Match the right processor capabilities to the need.
  • Sell over from Intel® Core™ processors to Intel® Xeon® processors for ECC memory and enhanced RAS features.
  • Sell up in the Intel Xeon processor family for performance and scalability.

4. Future-proof

  • Help customers future-proof their business.
  • Emphasize TCO over system lifetime.
  • Highlight better performance can lead to business growth.

Choose the Best Processor for Your Customers’ Workload Demands

Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Chart