ASI Program Advisor

As a member of the Intel Technology Provider Program, you receive many benefits that are extremely valuable and beneficial to your business. Benefits include points for Intel purchases that can be redeemed for a variety of items including other Intel products, discounted sample products, travel, or gift cards. In addition, Intel Technology Partner members also receive AWR (Advance Warranty Replacement), valuable training, priority technical support, access to sales as well as marketing assets, and access to a dedicated partner web site.

To assist resellers in their efforts to fully maximize and utilize the benefits of the Intel Technology Provider Program, ASI has created our ASI Program Advisor network. In this role, the ASI advisor can assist in helping our resellers track, manage, and redeem their points as well as help maintain their eligibility in the Intel Technology Partner Program. In addition, the ASI advisor can provide guidance to support resellers in their efforts to level up their membership status so they can earn additional program benefits.

To participate in the ASI Advisor Program, resellers need to enroll by clicking here to register for the authorization forms, which will be processed and sent directly to you via DocuSign (You must be an Intel Technology Provider to join the ASI Program Advisor Network).