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How to setup an account with ASI.
If you would like to join our partner community and take advantage of a robust product portfolio and exceptional pre/post sales support then please follow the instructions in Step 1 below.

1Step 1 – US Reseller Application
The first step in opening an account at ASI is to complete the US Reseller Application. A completed Multijurisdictional Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate is also required for all companies doing business in the US.

2Step 2 – Financial Authorization
If you are interested in opening a line of credit with ASI, you will need to complete the Financial Authorization Form and return to the ASI credit department.

3Step 3 – Credit Card Authorization
You can also charge your purchases to your credit card. Please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form
(US Form) and specify if you want to make this a onetime transaction or save your information for future transactions.

By Fax US: 510-249-1856

By Fax: 905-470-8808

Upon request, ASI uses DocuSign for processing Reseller account forms. Please complete and sign all necessary documents which will be processed to ASI via DocuSign.

U.S. Economic Sanctions. Parties to this Agreement shall cause each of its subsidiaries located in the United States to take no action to approve, engage in, or facilitate any business transaction, directly or indirectly, with any country, government, entity or individual that could place any Shareholder or any of the Companies or any of their respective subsidiaries in violation of any economic sanctions program administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury in carrying out the obligations of this Agreement. OTHER PARTY agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ASI for any and all claims/fines, etc. arising from violations of U.S. Economic Sanctions states barring intentional acts or gross. negligence of ASI.