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At ASI – We Build Value.

As the technology industry continues to evolve at an ever increasing rate and product life cycles continue to get shorter, the need to improve supply chain efficiencies by minimizing time to market, improving order fill rates, aligning inventory forecasts to market demand, minimizing the risk of shortages or overages during product transitions, and lowering operation costs become increasingly critical elements of a competitive strategy.

As a computer components distributor with over 35 years of experience, ASI has been involved in a wide range of activities vital to companies interested in utilizing a true Value Add Services (VAS) partner flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of the market. Our nationwide network of distribution centers helps makers of fast moving goods put inventory close to customers for business to business or business to consumer shipments.

Additionally, our experience in managing a wide range of high tech products for our suppliers combined with our value add service centers differentiates ASI.

Services and Capabilities B2B and B2C

  • Third party direct order fulfillment via EDI and ecommerce
  • Product life cycle management
  • Warehouse services inclusive of kitting, custom labeling, packaging and serialization
  • Reverse logistics: returns management, product testing, repair and refurbishment
  • Warranty and return programs
  • Extended Warranty options including onsite service with 24×7 end user support
  • System Integration in facility
    • Custom configuration capability: small or large volume
    • Servers  (Branded & Custom)
    • Desktop  (Branded & Custom)
    • Storage Systems (NAS , RAID and JBOD)
  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Testing, firmware control , BIOS revision control and image loading
  • Custom labeling
  • Logistics management & support

Integration Services

The value that ASI provides as a distributor is greatly enhanced by our longstanding expertise integrating custom compute solutions for our clients. Since our early days, ASI has provided this essential service with dedicated integration centers located in Fremont, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. These centers provide a valuable resource to system integrators, VARs and OEMs that can leverage ASI’s access to a wide range of components including motherboards, memory, CPUs, SSD, HDD, networking, and GPUs.  In addition, ASI continues to enhance our line of case and power supply manufactures to ensure industry leadership in this product category giving our resellers access to high quality designs that support a diverse mix of computer systems.

ASI works closely with our reseller partners to integrate a wide range of compute centric systems resulting in substantial savings in both time and costs giving them greater flexibility to focus on strategic growth elements of their business.

Regional Assembly Centers

  • Integration and assembly in Fremont, California Facility
  • System projects include medical equipment, autonomous driving, GPU servers, workstations, gaming PCs, enterprise servers, storage solutions, as well as systems for digital signage, health care, casinos, security surveillance, and general purpose desktops
  • Quality Components from Industry Leading Manufacturers
  • Fully staffed, trained, and dedicated technical support teams
  • Testing, firmware control, BIOS revision control and image loading
  • Custom labeling
  • Asset tracking, serialization, and rack level testing
  • Custom Configuration Capability from one to several thousand systems
  • Extended Warranty options including onsite service
  • Testing, firmware control , BIOS revision control and image loading
  • Custom labeling
  • Logistics management & support

We pride ourselves on the level of technical expertise that we are able to provide, and we are committed to continually reviewing and updating our service offering to ensure that we are giving our customers access to the capabilities they need to compete, grow and prosper in today’s marketplace.