Seagate Hard Drives

For over 40 years, Seagate has been a technology leader and innovator in the data storage industry delivering technologies such as Seagate Secure, MACH.2, and HAMR. With drive families that are specifically designed for storage markets including enterprise, data center, cloud, AI, NAS, and video, Seagate delivers drives that cover capacity, reliability and performance.
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Seagate Exos X

The Exos X-Series delivers powerful performance and proven reliability for high-endurance enterprise class workloads. With market-leading capacities up to 20TB, Seagate Secure Technology, 2.5M-hr MTBF, and MACH.2 multi-actuator technology ensures that these drives are Scalable, Reliable, and Innovative. (STxxxxNMxxxD)

Seagate Exos E

The Exos E-Series is optimized for demanding enterprise bulk data applications. With capacities from 2TB up to 10TB, the Exos-E provides cost effective, reliable, and consistent access to unstructured data making them Trusted, Efficient, and Versatile. (STxxxxNMxxxA/B)

Seagate Skyhawk

The Skyhawk Series is a video optimized drive designed for NVRs. With many advanced features such as ImagePerfect AI Firmware the Skyhawk supports video analysis and recording simultaneously as well as delivers zero dropped frames. Smart. Safe. Secure. (STxxxxxVExxxx)

Seagate Iron Wolf

The Ironwolf is purpose built for NAS storage solutions. Built tough and designed for 24×7 use, the drive includes Ironwolf Health Management, Rescue Data Recovery and are enabled with Dual Plane Balancing and Time Limited Error Recovery to provide Best-In-Class RAID performance in multi-bay systems. Tough. Ready. Scalable (STxxxxxNT or NExxxx)

Seagate Secure

Seagate has a long history of delivering innovative security features beginning in 2009 with the introduction of self-encrypting drives (SED). Seagate Secure hardens the security of the drive by protecting data at rest, as well as offering advanced government grade security and making repurposing or retirement of the drive a breeze.