To obtain a cross-shipment, this form must be completed and emailed to
Note: Only items purchased from ASI directly within 30 days of Customer's Invoice date or components from ASI-assembled in-warranty system and notebook PC (technical support case number required) qualify for cross-ship. We cannot advance (cross-ship) following products due to manufacturers' troubleshoot requirement:
  1. All brands of notebook PC, tablet PC, Netbook PC, AIO (all-in-one) PC, Desktop PC
  2. Complete assembled-to-order systems (individual component may be cross-shippable with our tech-support case number)
We, received a defective product on invoice No. and hereby request that ASI cross-ship us the following item.
All Cross-ship will be shipped via Ground unless otherwise requested by customer. Note: Customer must pay for difference in shipping cost if requesting next day or 2nd day delivery. Please specify if you request shipment other than Ground.
We fully understand and agree to the following cross-shipment terms/conditions from ASI.
  1. In the event that the items returned under cross-shipment are tested good and functional without the claimed defect, ASI has the right to invoice us for the shipping fee incurred in the cross-shipment plus a 15% restocking fee.
  2. Defective items under cross-shipment must be received by ASI within 10 days from the date of cross-shipment for full credit. Items received after 10 days will be charged a 15% restocking fee. No credit will be issued for items received over 30 days from ASI customer original invoice date.
  3. Return freight and insurance cost are the responsibility of customer as stated in our "Terms and Conditions" section 11 in back of invoice. However, ASI does provide pre-paid return label for ASI-assembled notebook PC and its component as long as it is under warranty.
  4. Full amount of the replacement will be billed to customer’s account upon shipping, and be credited upon receiving of the defective items. Credit Card, Cash, or COD term customers must provide valid credit card number, which will be charged first and credited upon return as well. ASI has the right to hold all pending sales orders until the cross-shipment has been received and the appropriate restocking fee is settled in full.
  5. For any physical damaged products, please contact Customer Service.
Please sign once you have read and agreed to the ASI's cross-shipment terms/conditions.
NOTE: Fill in all above information. If the information is incomplete or does not match our records, this may delay your cross-shipment.

Clicking the 'Generate completed form' button will let you view the final completed form. Please verify information on it. Then download it in PDF format, print, sign, scan and email it to . Your information will not be stored in any database.