ASI Server Partners

ASI offers an extensive portfolio of server solutions including processors, server boards, chassis, power supplies, barebone configurations, and fully integrated systems, giving server-centric resellers the design flexibility they need to provide their end clients with leading edge systems that are renowned for their exceptional designs, maximum processing power, excellent manageability, and high reliability. Being able to create custom configured servers for AI, Data Center, Cloud, Storage, HPC, edge and industrial markets that are based on the latest technologies provides a key value to these strategic segments where time to market leadership is essential.

ASI Authorized Partners

Server motherboards,
barebones, and systems

Motherboards and Systems


Processors Intel and AMD

Enterprise GPUs

Enterprise GPUs - NVIDIA and Intel

Server Chassis

Server Chassis - Chenbro and AIC


Memory - Micron and Samsung


Server Storage Partners


Networking Server Partners

ASI Custom Servers

  • Technology Leadership – ASI gives our clients access to the latest technologies which is a key benefit channel resellers can leverage to differentiate their servers from larger less agile MNC brands.

  • Brand Value – ASI partners with industry leaders across the product spectrum to ensure that the reputation of your brand is enhanced by the strength of the manufactures inside.

  • Client Customized – From rack to pedestal to edge, the range of partners supported by ASI, gives channel resellers the maximum flexibility to design, build and deploy servers for all market segments.

  • Technology Expertise – ASI works closely with all our manufacturers to ensure our sales, technical, and product management team members are fully educated about the latest technologies, product compatibilities, and industry trends allowing them to provide higher levels of support to server resellers.

  • Integration Options – With over 35 years of server integration experience, ASI can custom build, test and validate builds for customers allowing VARs to save time so they can focus on other support services.