The 12th Generation Intel Core Processor represents a revolutionary leap forward in x86 processor design. Based on the Intel 7 manufacturing node, the 12th Generation Intel Core processor, K and KF series, incorporates a hybrid design that integrates both highly advanced Performance Cores that are optimized for single-threaded applications, and highly Efficient Cores optimized for scaling multi-threaded workloads, as well as managing background processes.  The combination of these advanced cores that are present on the same die dramatically increases performance no matter the application type.

With the new processor there also comes many advanced technologies such as DDR5 memory support, PCI 5.0, and other component level changes, including a new family of chip sets, a different CPU socket, and a new CPU cooling fan connection. These changes bring about higher levels of performance as well as different configuration options for the reseller to consider when designing a PC for their client.

These innovations in technology represent growth opportunity for resellers that focus on offering their own custom computer. Being able to explain the benefits of the new technology to the end client, as well as provide computer systems that implement those advanced solutions, is an essential value-add and key differentiator against the large multi-national brands that focus on manufacturing scale as a priority over modernization.

ASI understands the significance of the “Technology Advantage” and therefore places a high priority on delivering a unique combination of essential training resources and product mix that not only help resellers focus on the price performance benefit of the new technology, but also provide availability to the components needed to integrate the PC.

To help customers navigate these new component options, ASI has created an interactive tool as well as posted detailed information on our website to assist in learning about the 12th Generation Intel Core platform. We invite you to visit our various web resources to learn more about the 12th Generation Intel Core Processor and the related platform solutions.

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