Among the various computer segments within the technology industry, the server market offers one of the best opportunities for growth because VARs can emphasize their unique strengths which include the ability to completely customize the server solution, provide diverse levels of service that meet each client’s unique needs, and the ability to integrate the entire infrastructure from network, to hardware, and software all of which are highly desirable for this sector.

According to IDC, the US Server Market grew 7% and world-wide server revenue will exceed $62.8 billion and over 9.8 million units shipped.

Standardizing on the type of server platform a reseller should provide to their clients involves far more than just a detailed analysis of the processor. Like any system, engineering a server requires an entire ecosystem of technologies and services that are combined together to create solutions that deliver the performance, reliability and security that customers need for these high level products.

For generations Intel has been delivering industry leading processor technologies combined with complete families of server boards, server building blocks, and complete turnkey server systems all designed, validated, supported, and warrantied by Intel.

Why Intel Servers – Advantages of Ecosystem Ownership

1. Complete Building Blocks – Intel not only designs and manufactures all their own processors, but they also design as well as manufacture the other key technologies which include the server chipset, server motherboard, and complete server turnkey solutions. Engineering these building blocks ensures the highest levels of quality and compatibility across the entire platform giving Intel servers higher platform functionality as well as industry leading performance.

2. Manageability and Diagnostics – Manageability is a key consideration for servers, which is why Intel has engineered diagnostic capability in to their server boards and platforms. By including over 100 board level sensors which report errors to an event log, VARs can be alerted to a problem before it occurs as well as quickly diagnose an issue which ensures greater system stability and increases uptime.

3. Platform Validation – Certification with critical applications is essential. Intel invests thousands of hours validating their products on numerous applications including VMWare Virtual SAN, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, ONAPP Private Cloud, Openstack, Redhat and more to make sure their servers have the highest levels of compatibility.

4. Warranty Support – Intel offers the best warranty support in the business by not only providing 24×7 technical support, but also by including AWR (Advanced Warranty Replacement) for Intel Technology Partners as well as backing their server building blocks with a three year parts and labor warranty.

Of course performance, reliability, and security are all critical technologies to consider for any system, but perhaps even more viable for servers. The Intel Purley Server Platform includes the Intel C620 series chipset (Lewisburg) and supports the  Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Skylake-SP) to bring about servers that deliver new levels of breakthrough performance. The Purley platform is based on cutting-edge technology that offers up to 28 CPU cores, multi-socket support for 2,4, or 8 CPUs, up to 38.5MB of L3 cache, three UPI interconnects, clock speeds up to 3.6GHz, 48 PCIe lanes, sic memory channels for as much as  1.5X more memory bandwidth, integrated network/fabric for Intel Omni-Path, and other integrated accelerators that provide significant benefits across a broad variety of usage models including big data, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, enterprise-class IT, cloud, storage, communication, and Internet of Things (IoT).

To learn more about Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and the Intel Purley platform, contact your ASI Account Executive.