ASI Intel Turnkey Solutions

Fully Validated server block saves time and money, freeing up resources to focus on value-add and competitive differentiation.

Unbranded systems allow resellers to customize and brand to meet enduser requirements.

Intel Quality & Reliability with world-class integration, validation, certification, and support.

Standard Intel 3-year warranty ensures customer satisfaction.

Verify authenticity with the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain The Intel Transparent Supply Chain is designed to address security concerns and guard against counterfeiting and malware. The Intel Transparent Supply Chain enables you to verify the authenticity of board components and firmware through digitally signed statements of conformance, firmware load verification, and platform certificates provided with a secured trusted platform module.

Why ASI Intel HPC Turnkey Solutions?

  • Incredible cost savings!
  • Save on integration times and costs
  • On the shelf and ready to buy
  • Fully integrated, complete turn-key ready solutions
  • No need to chase for parts, systems are ready to go
  • No long lead times
ASI Intel HPC Turnkey Solutions

Want a different configuration than what you see? Not a problem, ASI with Intel can make that happen. Please contact your ASI account manager for further details!