ASI Technology Summit

ASI Technology Summit 2023 On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Advances in hardware technology create growth opportunities for the entire channel. With that, we designed the ASI Technology Summit to deliver timely training and essential information on the industry’s most impactful innovations. These five part series events are scheduled quarterly and include a one hour specialized training session taking place each day during the scheduled week. Sessions are live technology driven seminars from the industries most notable and influential manufacturers.

ASI Technology Summit Q4 2023 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q4 2023 ASI Technology Summit, which took place Dec. 4-8, 2023,
included in-depth seminars from Micron, Solidigm, Intel, PNY, and ASUS.


Innovation makes new solutions possible

Presented by Andrew Mierau | Sr. Product Marketing Mgr.
Live Session Recorded Dec. 4, 2023

Explore the advancements in data center innovation facilitated by Micron’s products and technology, encompassing high-speed DDR5 DRAM and high-capacity SSDs. Micron offers a broad array of memory and storage products tailored for data centers, empowering state-of-the-art applications like artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), high-frequency trading (HFT), and more.


Solidigm – Solving Edge Challenges with Hyper-Dense Storage

Presented by Aaron Addison | Strategic AE/ PC KAM IT Endpoint Team
Roger Corell | Solutions Marketing Director
Dave Stanton | Distribution Account Manager

Live Session Recorded Dec. 5, 2023

The demand for data storage at the edge is growing two times fast than the storage needs at the core. Additionally, edge storage is located farther from the core center increasing the need for higher capacity solutions that deliver low latency, provide exceptional performance, and are highly reliable. The Solidigm D5-P5336 SSD is the world’s highest capacity PCIs SSD solution on the market. Supporting 61.44TB of fast QLC NAND storage, the D5-P5336 is an ideal solution to solve the data storage demands of edge computing. Join Solidigm for an in-depth session on the challenges associated with edge data storage, the opportunity for channel resellers and how Solidigm SSD help solve the challenges of density, and speed.


2024 PC Refresh Cycle

Presented by Sarah Wieskus | Intel General Manager Commercial Client Sales
Live Session Recorded Dec. 6, 2023

With advanced processor technologies, hardened security, increased AI optimization and market ready remote management, the latest generation of Intel Core Processors enable system integrators to provide state-of-the-art systems to their clients no matter their use case. These hardware capabilities combined with an aging PC workforce create the opportunity to engage in the 2024 PC Refresh Cycle. Join Intel for an in-depth discussion about the value-add solutions and benefits that channel resellers can provide by leveraging Intel technologies.


NVIDIA Professional and Enterprise GPUs from PNY

Presented by Willy Ortiz | Field Sales Engineer Manager
Live Session Recorded Dec. 7, 2023

NVIDIA’s Professional and Enterprise GPUs redefine acceleration across all scales, fueling the most sophisticated AI and image rendering workloads globally. Tailored for continuous high-performance operation, PNY graphics cards stand out for their superior craftsmanship.


ASUS Motherboard Refresh + Notebook Portfolio Update

Presented by Michael Vo | OPBG Senior Field Application Engineer
Sean Rose | Bus. Dev. Manager

Live Session Recorded Dec. 8 2023

Discover the future of ASUS products in our exclusive webinar, where we’ll delve into a concise product roadmap and conduct an in-depth analysis of the ASUS Z790 II Refresh and ASUS TRX50 NPI Update. Plus, for those currently selling or considering award-winning ASUS laptops, don’t miss the special segment highlighting the best-selling product SKUs for 2024. Join us for insights that will shape your technology landscape.

ASI Technology Summit Q3 2023 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q3 2023 ASI Technology Summit, which took place Sept. 11-15, 2023,
included in-depth seminars from Intel, ASUS, LG, Chenbro, and Microsoft.


Intel ARC Graphics Card Solutions

Presented by Hangmei Chen, Americas Graphics Sales Specialist
Jamie Gwilliam, Product Management for Workstations

Live Session Recorded Sept. 11, 2023

Intel continues the evolution of their GPU product line with the latest release of the Intel branded ARC Pro, a professional graphics card engineered for workstation applications. Designed with premium components, an aluminum base plate, and a high-density fan the Intel ARC Pro is manufactured for high performing applications. Tested and certified by Autodesk, Bentley, Dassault Systemes, PTC and Siemens the Intel ARC Pro brings a competitive solution to the “true workstation” market.


ASUS – Delivering the Broadest Portfolio of Channel Solutions

Presented by Michael Vo, Senior Field Application Engineer
Sean Rose, Sr. Distribution and DMR Account Manager

Live Session Recorded Sept. 12, 2023

Learn more about what ASUS has to offer to empower today’s digital transformation. At ASUS we strive to provide innovative full-stack solutions from device to cloud, and from this session you will learn about the latest ASUS Solutions including NUC PCs, laptops, motherboards, graphics cards and more.


Discover the Future of Computing: Unveiling the Excellence of LG Laptops and Displays.

Presented by Aaron Addison, Strategic AE/ PC KAM IT Endpoint Team
Live Session Recorded Sept. 13, 2023

Dive into the world of innovation as we present the reasons behind embracing the sales of acclaimed LG laptops and cutting-edge displays. Witness the recognition garnered by LG gram laptops, crowned the Best Laptops of CES 2023 by esteemed authorities such as CNET, Laptop Mag, PCMag, Tom’s Guide, and more. Now available through ASI, these extraordinary devices are set to redefine excellence in the computing landscape.

Explore the diverse spectrum of LG displays, ranging from QHD/FHD monitors to specialized solutions, including the immersive UltraGear™ gaming monitors, expansive UltraWide® widescreen monitors, and the breathtaking clarity of UltraFine™ 4k UHD Monitors. Experience the synergy of innovation and performance.


Customizable Intel-Based Server Solutions

Presented by Ian Armitage, Technical Expert
Live Session Recorded Sept. 14, 2023

With rapid changes in the server market, it’s more important than ever to adapt quickly. That’s where Chenbro comes in. Our highly customizable pre-tested solutions, design support, and fast service ensure you can nimbly provide servers built for the specs and scale your customers require.


Windows 11 Opportunities in the Gaming Market & More

Presented by Ryan J. Whitehead, Microsoft Master Trainer
Live Session Recorded Sept. 15 2023

Join Microsoft Commercial Master Trainer, Ryan J. Whitehead, to learn more about Windows 11. Explore how this operating system enhances user experience through an intuitive interface, features to help you be productive, and simple to understand security. Plus learn about Windows 11’s dedication to the gaming community. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a devoted gamer, join us for informative session on Windows 11.

ASI Technology Summit Q2 2023 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q2 2023 ASI Technology Summit, which took place June 19-23,
included in-depth seminars from Samsung, Microchip, Intel, ASUS, and ViewSonic.


Samsung SSD Product Portfolio Overview & Roadmap

Presented by Tim Moleti | Distribution Sales Manager – Memory
Live Session Recorded June 19, 2023

Join the Samsung Team to see what’s on the horizon for Samsung SSDs. Offering SATA, NVMe, and Portable SSDs – explore the 2023 product mix.


Powering the Great Outdoors with PoE

Presented by Alan Jay Zwiren | Senior Product Marketing Manager
Live Session Recorded June 20, 2023

This webinar presents how Microchip, the inventor of Power over Ethernet has a full range of Outdoor Midspans and PoE Switches to power any Outdoor PoE Device. It also covers how Microchip is providing the latest in high speed Midspans for Wi-Fi® 6 and 5G Access Points.


Leveraging the built in accelerators on the 4th Generation Intel Scalable Xeon Processor

Presented by Peter Tea | Intel FSE Data Center Systems Group
Live Session Recorded June 21, 2023

The 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are engineered with advanced accelerators that are targeted to boost performance across the fastest-growing workloads in AI, data analytics, networking, storage, and HPC. In this session Intel will highlight the performance benefits created by these accelerators and how this state-of-the-art design differentiates Intel’s processor efficiency from other competitors.


The ASUS Portfolio – From laptops to Displays & DIY PC Components

Presented by Donald Leung | Sr. Director of Sales
Sean Rose| Business Development Manager

Live Session Recorded June 22, 2023

Join ASUS to learn more about what ASUS has to offer to empower today’s digital transformation. At ASUS we strive to provide innovative full-stack solutions from device to cloud, and from this session you will learn the latest laptops, commercial displays, motherboards graphics cards and more.


Commercial Displays / Interactive Flat Panels

Presented by Sean Liu | Sr. Business Line Manager
Bryan Phann | Sr. Business Line Manager

Live Session Recorded June 23, 2023

A time for new growth and opportunity. As ViewSonic grows and grows, we keep finding our display solutions in more and more venues, locations, schools, and businesses. Join the ViewSonic team to learn how you can fuel your business growth by adding ViewSonic Commercial Displays and Interactive Flat Panels to your product portfolio.

ASI Technology Summit Q1 2023 Sessions Available On-Demand

The Q1 2023 ASI Technology Summit, which took place March 6-9, 2023,
included in-depth seminars from Intel, Solidigm, Micron & PNY.

Intel logo

Introducing the New 4th Generation Intel Scalable Xeon Processor Code named Sapphire Rapids

Presented by Peter Tea, Intel Data Center & Cloud Specialist
Live Session Recorded March 6, 2023

Introducing 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, designed to accelerate performance across the fastest-growing workloads in AI, data analytics, networking, storage, and HPC. These processors have highly advanced built-in accelerators offering a more efficient way to achieve higher overall performance. In addition, the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors have advanced security technologies to help protect data in an ever-changing landscape of threats. Learn about the specific accelerator combinations, SKU workload optimization, technology changes and security enhancements that will help unlock new opportunities for business growth.


Solidigm’s Family of Enterprise SSD

Presented by Roger Corell, Product Messaging and Positioning Director, Solidigm Datacenter Group
Live Session Recorded March 7, 2023

Solidigm combines decades of innovation and deep industry insights to deliver best-in-class Solid State Drives for a range of real world workloads from cloud to enterprise. Watch this on-demand in-depth discussion covering their high-performance D7 Series, Hyper-dense D5 Series, and SATA based legacy D3 series of SSD – all backed by industry leading quality, reliability, and customer support.

Micron logo

Supercharging Your Data Center

Presented by Andrew Mierau, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Kent Smith, Enterprise SSD and Server DRAM Product Marketing
Live Session Recorded March 8, 2023

From high-speed DDR5 DRAM to high-capacity SSDs, learn how Micron products and technology are driving data center innovation. Micron provides an extensive range of data center memory and storage products that enable cutting-edge applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC), high frequency trading (HFT) and many more.


Learn about the latest NVIDIA Professional GPUs and NVIDIA Networking Products

Presented by Willy Ortiz, Field Sales Engineer Manager, PNY
Live Session Recorded March 9, 2023

Learn how NVIDIA® professional GPUs enable everything from stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization – and why they are widely regarded as the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. The key to the performance of modern data center infrastructure lies in the network fabric and infrastructure design. Learn how NVIDIA Networking solutions can maximize AI and HPC Applications.

ASI Technology Summit 2022 Sessions Available On-Demand