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Supermicro Storage

Optimize Your Cloud, AI, and 5G Infrastructure with the Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of All-Flash NVMe, Top-Loading, and High-Density Storage Systems

All-Flash NVMe

Highest Performing Storage Solutions for Advanced Computing
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro NVME StorageHighest storage throughput performance and application responsiveness
  • Broad support of advanced form-factors including EDSFF, U.2, and NF1
  • Petabyte-scale all-flash NVMe storage in 1U for extreme density and capacity
  • Servers Optimized for Maximum Capacity or Highest Throughput Performance
  • Storage Enclosures Available for Easy Capacity Expansion
  • Mission Critical All-Flash Solutions for Dual-Port NVMe SSDs

Top Loading Storage

Density Maximized Storage Systems Optimized For Software-Defined Data Centers
Highlights & Innovations

  • Supermicro Top Loading StorageEasy-to-deploy 45-bay, 60-bay and 90-bay top loading storage systems
  • Double the storage density in a 2U space with Simply Double systems
  • Cost-effective 1U cold storage systems supporting 12x 3.5” drives
  • Maximum Hot-Swappable Storage Bays
  • Tiered Storage and I/O Expandability

Enterprise-Optimized Storage

High-Performance Building Block Solutions
Highlights & Innovation

  • Supermicro General StorageDesigned to meet the demands of the toughest storage environments
  • SuperStorage supports both scale-up and scale out deployment strategies
  • Flexible form factors with 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U using 2.5″ or 3.5″ front and rear loading drives
  • High Efficiency and Application Optimized
  • High Reliability and Serviceability