It’s important to sell genuine Microsoft software and here’s why.

Genuine Microsoft software helps protect you and your customers’ assets. Shield your data from threats, scams, and spyware, so you can browse your computer worry-free.

The truth? Cyberthreats are on the rise. Our job as software experts is to provide you with exceptional support while ensuring that you and your clients’ data and businesses remain safe. Using genuine Microsoft software will help you save money, time, and energy, so you don’t have to spend hundreds (or thousands) on a replacement computer or expensive data retrieval programs.

One of the Biggest Cybersecurity Risks? Using Non-Genuine Software!

Skilled cybercriminals are eager to exploit non-genuine software to spread malware, and those who use this fraudulent software are exposing themselves to multiple security risks.

Business Disruption

A data breach, no matter how small, can bring your entire business operation to a halt.

Data Loss

Data compromise can lead to the loss of important personal files and business data resulting in expensive fees to replace hacked computers.

Identity Theft

Your personal and financial data may be compromised and could be used to carry out crimes, like fraud and money laundering.

Why Genuine Windows 11 is the Right Choice for your Customers
  • More productive for employees: A simple, powerful UX can help their employees focus and be more productive. A streamlined UI helps cut through the clutter and reduce cognitive load. Snap layouts and personalized Widgets make it easier to stay organized. Workflows can be automated right from the desktop.
  • More collaborative experiences: The new Windows features a smarter way to collaborate with Microsoft Teams integration. Meet and share content easily. Mute and unmute right from the taskbar. Auto-blue and noise cancellation keep background activity where is belongs – in the background.
  • Consistent for IT: It’s easy for your customers to adopt with app compatibility and cloud management. They can migrate with confidence knowing their favorite apps and familiar management tools from Windows 10 will still work, backed by the App Assure promise. There’s also more control over updates and the ability to deploy remote PCs in compliance with company policies.

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