Learn about new security features in Windows 11. 

Powerful out of the box protection includes enhanced phishing safeguards, passwordless security, and more control over apps and access anywhere.

Hardware-based security

Build confidence with multiple layers of protection enabled by tightly integrated hardware and software.

  • Protect hardware with TPM 2.0 technologies.
  • Virtualization based security (VBS) and hypervisor protected code integrity (HVCI) are already enabled.
  • Protects critical resources such as Windows Hello with hardware based root of trust.
  • Windows Defender System Guard helps protect and maintain the integrity of the system through local and remote attestation.
  • Secured core PCs – advanced security features of Windows 11 turned on to protect your most sensitive data.
  • Microsoft Pluton hardware security hardens new Windows 11 devices.
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Thwart credential theft with enhanced phishing detection and protection against malicious websites and applications.

  • Anti-phishing and anti malware support
  • Reputation based URL and app protection
  • Improved diagnostic data and heuristics
  • Block websites associated with potentially unwanted applications
Identity and privacy security

Protect access to sensitive information and safeguard user identities.

  • Enhanced phishing detection and protection with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen helps thwart credential theft.
  • Windows presence sensing uses Windows Hello facial recognition with presence detection sensors to sign you in when you approach, and lock when you leave.1
  • Windows Hello for Business enables strong authentication with a passcode (PIN) or biometric authentication.1
  • Protect user privacy with controls for location, camera, and microphone.

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Windows has been reimagined for a new era of the digital workplace, helping companies unlock the full potential of every employee, giving them powerful tools to collaborate and create in a secure and trusted environment. Windows 11 is built for hybrid work, easily managed, while being the most secure Windows and delivering intuitive productivity. Get a comprehensive overview of Windows 11 and learn about:

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1.Hardware dependent.