Windows 11 Pro is built for secure hybrid work.

Security out-of-the-box
New Windows 11 devices integrate hardware and software for powerful, out-of-the-box protection.

Protect against evolving threats
Shield your valuable data and enable secure hybrid work with the latest advanced security.

Modern security management
Streamline security management and deploy with confidence across diverse locations—including the cloud.

Replace aging PCs with modern Windows 11 devices
Combine Microsoft 365 with Windows 11 Pro on modern devices to provide powerful, hardware-based protection along with cloud tools for advanced security and management options.

Learn how you can help keep your customers’ business secured with Windows 11 Pro devices

Transforming your organization’s security posture should be a priority, and equipping your workforce with secure devices is the cornerstone for success. New Windows 11 Pro devices, combined with Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021, is built for secure hybrid work.

  • Protect your employees against malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and help keep business-critical data safe.
  • Gain layers of powerful security across devices, data, identities, applications, and the cloud.
  • Streamline IT with unified, cloud-based endpoint management tools including Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Azure Active Directory, and Windows Autopilot. Remotely set and enforce policies, manage applications and identities, and easily deploy business-ready devices.
  • Overcome remote collaboration hurdles with a single solution that includes videoconferencing, productivity apps, file sharing, and more. Ensure your employees have secure access to critical work apps and information with a unified collaboration solution.
  • For people in data-sensitive industries or business scenarios, Secured-core PCs are the most secure Windows devices, and come with all the advanced security features of Windows 11 enabled.

Learn more about how you can significantly reduce risk from cyberattack by replacing aging PCs with new, modern devices optimized for security and hybrid work. 

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